Thursday, January 16, 2014

Rudy IS a Happy Goat

Every day when the publicist lets Rudy out of the barn he gets very excited to be outside.
That or he wants he morning grain.
One or the other.

Whatever the reason he always dances the Goat Dance of Joy on his way to his pen.
He is truly a Happy Goat.

 If you cannot see the movie you can watch it on YouTube HERE

Oh to be young!
Oh to be able to dance like that again!
It's fun to watch!

Do you do the dance of joy?


  1. Rudy, you sure do enjoy life and that is a good thing. We love watching goats do their dances. Hope all of you have a fun day.

  2. be young and agile....again! Thanks!

  3. Happy goats make me smile big, thank you!

  4. Oh, to be that young again! These days, I'm just happy to still be walking.

  5. That made Mommy smile! Rudy looked so happy and carefree in that video.

  6. He was borned on the right farm since he's SO happy! He's pretty twisty too!

  7. He certainly does look happy. And a bit crazypants.

  8. Rudy,
    Waffles does the same thing when Gloman is giving him his 4am snack.
    I'm guessing you're BOTH crazypants.
    ; ) Katie


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