Saturday, January 18, 2014

Newsy Day

I am in SpokesGoat mode for the first bit of news today.
I am excited to show you something fun the publicist shipped out from my shop.
As you know I am now a Famous SpokesGoat for making favors for weddings, showers and parties.
It's true!
I would not lie!

A customer contacted the publicist for a baby shower and it had a deer theme so the My Cousin the Soap was perfect!

Did they not come out cute?
They are three different scents - Jasmine Tea, Afternoon Tea and a custom blend, Vanilla Mint.
When customers need lots of big soaps like this for a party there are special discounts available - because I am a nice goat!

I must admit that the customer came up with the saying on the tag.
It is very clever, isn't it?

And you can see my deer soap on the inside!
I think they will make very nice shower favors.

In other news, we had another visit from VisitorCat:

If you cannot see the movie you can watch it on YouTube HERE

He just walked in like he usually does and he started playing the the Farm cats toy.
They did NOT like that!

Ooooh, did the MEOWS fly!


  1. Um... wait a minute here - it looks like the publicist is actually ENCOURAGING this intruder to hang out and play with toys that are not his! I think the Farm Cats should revolt!

    P.S. I love the baby shower soaps! I'm sure all the humans at the party will love them too.

  2. Those Baby Shower favors are just too cute. We like that a lot.
    So a stranger in the midst. Looks like he is right at home much to the dismay of everyone. Hope all you farm cats told that stranger to just move on. Take care and have a great day.

  3. Those party favors are adeerable. MOL What a great idea.

    The introoder looks kinda comfortable in the yurt.

  4. i had a visitor cat this week in the barn. it got scared and ran out and the dogs chased it into a tree. doubt it will be coming back...

    i love the dear deer.

  5. LOVE the shower favors!! Although I do find a deer-themed baby shower a little odd. But what do I know? I'm outta that baby loop.

    Ooooh, a Cat Friend! We had one of those last summer!! That is very fun for the humans when they stop by--the cats, not so much. We haven't seen our Cat Friend in some time, although somebody spied a black cat next door a few days ago, so I think it was him. He must be over us.

  6. that is one cheeky visitor cat! whomever gets the soap is SO lucky!!! you make the best soap ever!!!

  7. Your soaps definitely make lovely gifts!
    Have you figured out the visitor kitty to be a He?

  8. He is a he. He ate a lot of food this visit. First time he did that. He's been coming round quite frequently. Visits the neighbors too.

  9. Your visitor cat seems to be working on becoming family.

  10. Ther's gonna be lots of happy clean peeps...Salem got her bottom washed using your soap and she reports is wasn't a half-bad experience!

  11. visitor cat is very handsome! I'd be worried if I was a mere farm cat!

  12. Whoa! That cat makes himself at home. Concats on the big soap order. You make nice soap, Pricilla.

  13. Whoa! That is one nervy visitor kitty! I think he wants to come live with you.

    We can vouch for the FABULOUSNESS of the little favor soapies! The Human has ordered two sets of them and been super happy with the price AND with the soaps and their wrappings and EVERYTHING. And she would not lie!

  14. Those are adorable!!!
    What a clever idea! ...we love the little tags too.
    : ) Katie

  15. The party favor soaps are very cute! :)
    We have a visitor cat too who shows up every evening at feeding time but he is not so brave as to actually come in the house!!

  16. The baby shower soaps are cute! Love the saying! Looks like the visitor cat is wanting to become a full time Farm Cat!


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