Friday, January 10, 2014

Farm Cat Friday - Christmaaaa Comes to the Farm Cats

You will recall that the Farm cats were eagerly awaiting their Chrismaaaa presents. Well, I have good news to maaaa! The publicist gave them a box - although somecat thought he could fit in it.

Silly Sherpa!
You CANNOT fit in that box!
The box was full of the Farm cats presents from

Harry and Sherpa gave them a very thorough look-see. You will see them behave like you have never seen before. It must be the valerian cat toys.

If you cannot see the movie you can watch it on YouTube HERE

They also enjoyed their Yeowww Catnip Pillows. In fact they have hidden them. The publicist cannot find them. You can see the movie ended when they started to attack the bag of Yeowwww Catnip. The last thing the publicist needed was a kitchen floor covered in nip!

Stinky also gave the pillows a good sniff...

...but she is not one for the 'nip. She did gobble down those freeze dried shrimp though.

Pumpkin also approved of them - and he is one VERY fussy kitty.
The publicist has not broken out Da Bird yet.
She wants to wait until the male person is around to take the movie.

So for now the poor, neglected Farm cats will have to make do.
I somehow think they will survive.
Don't you?


  1. Wow, Harry and Sherpa were REALLY nipped out! I have to say, Nip and Bones has some of the good stuff (i.e., valerian and silver vine toys), even if the farm cats did have to have Christmas in January.

  2. Sherpa, sure looks like he was enjoying that pink pillow. Harry was not going to get that for sure. You boys sure had a good time. Take care.

  3. Looks like good playtime in kitty-land. You could get them a spider and have vicarious joy watching them rip it apart.

    1. They actually tend to just eat them whole.

  4. boys getting high! i was wondering about the bird toy. saw it laying there to the side.

  5. That must be some real good nip! We loved seeing them in action! Can't wait to see them deaded Da Bird!

  6. Love these videos - always make me smile!

  7. The boys just can't get enough of the nip! We love how happy the boys were in the video. Can't wait to see the video of them with Da Bird!

  8. Whoa! Harry liked that Valerian cow as much as I liked mine. I love action films.

  9. I like the break for a swat. :) Looks like those are GREAT toys!

  10. Oh my, they certainly are spoiled farm cats!

  11. hmph. In OUR opinion, Cats are NEVER spoiled enough!


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