Friday, January 3, 2014

Farm Cat Friday - Baby It's Cold Outside

Winter is here to stay.
But Stinky the Farm cat has it all figured out.

She just sits in front of the roaring fire.
Doesn't she look nice and toasty?

I think I should have a roaring fire.
Don't you?
I am going to maaaaa to the publicist about this.

I want to be able to sit in front of it.

I want to look as sweet and warm as Stinky the Farm cat.

Oh yeah.
The hay.
That could cause a bit of a problem.
I don't want to be IN the fire.

I will have to re-think this.

Stay warm everyone!


  1. You could ask for centralized heating for the barn.... ;)

    Ps/ How is Abbygoat feeling today?

  2. We have no problem staying warm here in SoCal, but we are concerned for a lot of our pals!

  3. Pricilla, can you put on your nice new coat. It would be hard for you to sit in front of a fire. Stinky does look comfy.
    We want to know about Abby too. Hope she is all right.

  4. well, we'll just hope for sunshine, then.

  5. I don't understand how furry cats still want to bask in so much heat. I'd be cooked! Nice for Stinky, though.

  6. At least you have a coat Pricilla! We hope the other Farm Cats are warm too as well as all the other goats!

  7. Stinky looks very comfy there but we don't think fire in the barn would be a good thing. we were behind on reading and commenting and didn't realize Thelma got her head actually stuck in the fence - hope the boys learned from her mis-adventure :)

  8. What the hay … what’s a little hay, a little fire … um, oooooh. That. TW won’t let me in our furnace room which is the only flame around here.

  9. Maybe you could come in and eat GRAIN by the fire, instead?

    pee ess: Mommy is loving the soap esp since the weather is so DANG DRY.

  10. Oh my heavens! That does look toasty warm! Since it's sunny and 65 degrees everyday, I don't really need one a them things right now though. I would LOVE to see a little winter. Or at least a rainshower. One of these months????

  11. You NEED a roaring fire like that when it's this cold outside!!!
    ...Pricilla, maybe you just need to employ those farm cats to sneak you inside. They may not have thumbs, but with all those paws between them, surely they can figure something out!

  12. Maybe you could just sneak in for a nap in front of the fire some evening.

  13. We bet the publicist would be able to figure SOMEthing out, involving hay and fire. Maybe. Uh, possibly. After all, she *is* human, and not a cat. Wait, must rethink this....


Maaaaaa away....


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