Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Message from Harry the Farm Cat

Meow to all of you on this Monday morning. I hope you do not mind that I am here instead of Pricilla.
She let me take over the blog today to give you a message.

Let's get comfortable, OK?
I had a busy weekend, how about you?

I had new toys to break in.

Naps to take.
It's a hard life for a Farm cat.
But I do have news for you all.

If you remember, in November Sherpa meowed to you about Hill's Science Diet Food and had a giveaway.
Twenty readers won a gift basket.
The winners are wondering where their prizes are.

I am here to meow to you that they have not been shipped yet but they will be soon.
None of us here on the blog wanted you to worry.

I'm going to go back to my hard Farm Cat work now.
I hope that is OK with all of you.
There are mousies to be caught.
Toys to tested.
Treats to be eaten.

A Farm cat works hard for his keep.


  1. Wow, Harry, I hope you get a raise after all that hard work! Binga is still waiting for hers.

  2. Mommy just noticed you have the same *eye booger* marking as Boomer with his on his left eye and yours on your right. :)

    Better start nomming on some mousie brains, Harry. Because Da Bird is gonna use up lots of your energy!

    1. That is actually an eye booger the publicist forgot to photoshop out. I am going to have to fire her.

  3. Good to see you doing your job Harry and telling us the news. That is so nice of you to take time out of your busy day.. Hope you all have a super day.

  4. Harry, I can see you are very busy holding up that bookcase. Good job.

  5. It's tough work, but some kitty has to do it. You are certainly up to the task.

  6. The Publicist is lucky to have such a hard working farmcat as you Harry! :)
    P.S. Love the new header, I haven't been around much lately!

  7. Excellent work, cat friend. Pricilla seems to have a lot of friends lining up to steal her job.

  8. Well done, Harry. You look to be quite the busy Farm Cat!

  9. You did a great job today Harry! Hope no mousies got away while you were taking care of business!

  10. I’m glad you told me that, Harry, cos I won a few of those and have been wondering. You still loving on that valerian cow? You’re gonna laugh when you see my new blog.

  11. Thank you, Harry! Honestly, our terrible Mommy had forgotten...but WE hadn't!

  12. Wow--it's a tough life up there in the great outdoors, isn't it? I am still at the mercy of the Human who is now sick--yet again! I think she needs a new career with no germy students--in addition to all her other lame excuses. I miss you guys--I'm going to try to make my POINT (get it??) that we need to visit more!

  13. Oh yea. I should have to work that hard!


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