Thursday, December 19, 2013

Who is That StrangeCat in the Yurt?

There was much excitement in the yurt the other night.
It included much yowling and hissing.
And spitting and mewing.

It was something to see and hear.
Why all of this consternation?

There was a visitorcat in the yurt!
It's true!
I would not lie!

It did not like to stay still so it was hard for the publicist to get a picture of it.
It has been hanging around the yurt and peaking in the windows at night.
It is very well fed and as you will see very friendly so she thinks it has a home.
It did not want any food and did not show any signs of being hungry.

The male person went out on the deck for some wood for the fire and it walked right in!
Stinky did not mind.
Pumpkin did not mind.
Sherpa minded - VERY LOUDLY.
Harry was outside and he came in while the kitty was exploring.

He was all floofed up.

The kitty looked around a bit, got some lovins and then left.
You can watch here:

If you cannot see the movie you can watch it on YouTube HERE

I think the Farm cats are happy it is gone.
I think they think FOUR Farm cats are just the right number of Farm cats.
What do YOU think?


  1. OMC! The Publicist and Male Person are just like my human - petting a strange kitty and trying to see if it is fixed! That is the first thing she checks for! I wonder where he came from (is it a he?). And why he has such a funny tail.

  2. You better watch out. If that visitor comes back, it may be to stay. He/she will steal your heart. That's how I came to have Burnie, he just walked into the house and stayed.

  3. Ohhhh. WE won't like it if a stranger cat walked into OUR home!
    It did make Mommy laugh when she saw your Publicist check out the stranger kitty's rear end. MOL. It is exactly what Mommy would do.

  4. He is a pretty kitty. Our Person does the same thing, see if they are fixed. He looks like a nice kitty. Bet he comes back. You all have a great day.

  5. Oh, that's fun! We had a cat who came all summer--we called him "Cat Friend" and he'd just show up every now and then to visit. We'd give him some lovin' then he'd go home. He LOVED Hobbes...but Hobbes did not like him very much back. We haven't seen him in months and I hope he's okay.

    Hope your Cat Friend finds his way back home safely!

  6. VERY pretty cat! love the markings. hope it has a good home but it definitely looks to be in good condition.

  7. we hope your visitor got home safe.... sounds like Shepa is very ok with 4 farm cats

  8. I love it when a kitty does that. Just walk in and sniff around and get lovings and go right out. Sometimes I wish they'd just have the need to stay. I wouldn't mind that one bit at all.

  9. Cats have absolutely no manners. That's why they don't get invited anywhere and have to walk right in.

  10. Five Farm Cats sounds like a great idea! He or she sure is a pretty kitty and very friendly too!

  11. That is a nice friendly cat, but definitely looks like someone's well-fed pet. He/she was pretty bold to come into a house full of cats he/she does not know. I think you will be having future visits from this kitty as it was making sure to rub its' scemt on you & every piece of furniture it touched. I think it is unusual that Pumpkin & Stinky had no problem with the stranger just strutting into their home. Any cat I have owned would have boofed-up, had a hissey- fit and then chased the heck out of the strange cat. It does seem odd that the cat was up at your place at night, but then I don't know how populated the area is around you. Hope the kitty was not lost or roamed too far from home.

  12. What a nice visitor kitty! I hope s/he found his/her way home again....or five is a nice round number, don't you think?? Like five golden rings???

  13. It’s got a sausage tail! MOL! I hope it isn’t lost or wasn’t dumped by some idiot.

  14. At least it was a nice visitor.


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