Monday, December 16, 2013

The Farm Cats Get an Early Christmaaaa Present

The publicist is very good to all of us here on the Farm.
It's true!
I would not maaaa a lie!

She noticed that the Farm Cats had really done a job on their cat scratcher so she decided that for Christmaaaa she would get them a new one. They had done such good work writing blog posts for Hill's Science Diet they deserved a little reward.

It arrived on Friday and they are very excited about it!
Harry the Farm cat gave it a very good sniff (I will not confirm nor deny the presence of catnip to entice them onto this new cat tree.)
You can see that the publicist put the warming pad that the Farm cats won from Daisy the Curly Cat on it for Stinky. She is old and needs the extra warmth.

The publicist did a lot of looking and finally chose this particular cat tree from Molly and Friends for a number of reasons. Mostly because she had a gift card to Amazon but also because it was made in the USA, came in one piece and had sisal on the one post. She is hoping that lasts a little longer than carpet.

Harry and Sherpa have been giving it a really good workout.
There are rumors of a movie later this week!

Stinky likes it too.
She has been on her warming pad and in the top section.

Unless she gets erm, removed by an orange blur.
Katie? Any tips?

The only cat who has not tried it is Pumpkin. But he never went on the old tree so this does not surprise the publicist.

So it is going to be a very Merry Christmaaaa for the Farm Cats!


  1. Oh you lucky kitties, getting that wonderful Tree for Christmas. Sure glad you are having such a good time on it. We like to do the whapping game too on our tree. So you all have some good fun.

  2. Ruby and Reba are jealous! This looks like a wonderful tree!!

  3. that is a great present - we bet you have a great view outside the yurt!!

  4. Lucky cats. I think you should get a heated pad.

  5. What a great looking tree! Merry Christmas farm cats! I love to scratch on the sisal. It gets ratty fairly quickly. At least that’s what TW says.

  6. That's a cool tree! We love the heating pad too! Our mommy is looking for a new tree for us but can't find one that 1) has high enough sides so we don't fall off when rolling around on it and 2) is set up in such a way that a certain Tortie can actually jump on each platform. It's not easy having really short Tortie legs!

  7. i had a really tall tree like this for my cats and they loved it. it sure was hard to clean though. the cat hair weaves itself into the fibers. it drove me crazy but the cats never seemed to mind one bit!

  8. That is NICE!! We have one that has real tree limbs as the support poles--and Grace likes to scratch on the bark. Do they fight over who is gonna sit on it? We have that battle here.

  9. Well, you Farm Cats have it GOOD!!! Maybe we need a few goats around here to whip our Mommy into shape...

    That tree looks very nice and the Heaty Pad? AWESOME!

  10. That thing is PAWSOME! Especially the heaty dealio. Course, lately it never even hardly gets cold enough to use it. Sigh.

    Hey, the soapies came and they're Funtastic! Thanks!

  11. squeeeee...what a great prezzie for Catmouse!!! Pawsome


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