Sunday, December 8, 2013

I am FINALLY Being Treated as a Famous SpokesGoat Should Be

You all know how embarrassing it is for me to be seen in this...this travesty of an "outfit."

I do not know what the publicist was thinking!
You all know I have been hanging my head in shame.

But I have very good news.
Good news indeed.
It has brightened my spirits immensely.

I am getting a CUSTOM MADE COAT.
I am getting GOAT-URE if you may.

That is correct. I am having a goat coat made JUST FOR ME!

It is even coming from a foreign country - Canada!
The wonderful lady who owns the company usually makes coats for dogs but she is going to make a special coat just for me because I am special.

It is from a shop called Tootlewear.
The publicist has sent her my measurements.

NO! I will not share what they are!
I am a ladygoat - and you should not ask!

I will of course model my new piece of goat-ure once it arrives.

It will look far better than this I am sure!
Naked looks better than this....

If you have a doggie that gets cold or if any of you goats are getting chilled in this frigid weather I suggest you contact Heather at Tottlewear. The publicist says she is very, very nice. They are having a sale right now too - everything is 25% off.

I am going to go hide now.


  1. I took a look at the Tootlewear shop and there are a lot of stylish outfits! I bet you will have something really fabulous to model, Pricilla!

  2. Oh goodness, Pricilla, you are going to be stepping around in style. Those are some fancy coats. Glad you are getting one of those. Wonder what color that nice coat of yours is going to be.
    Have a great day.

  3. Pricilla....I live in Chicago where fashion sorta goes out the window when it drops below zero. Oh, you can try, but warmth has to override cute if you want to be happy. I'm glad you have a friend who will make you a snappy new coat! I think you may be setting a new goat fashion trend!! I can't wait to see your new jacket!

  4. Congratulations, Pricilla! I know what it's like to have to wear ugly, bulky outerwear to keep warm way up here near the Canadian border of New York. I'm so happy for you that you'll be getting something hand made just for you! I bet it will look great!


  5. Ooooo! That's going to be more like it, Pricilla! Weee!

  6. wow! custom-made canadian coat! wow!

  7. Will look forward to seeing it. I made some nice orange coats for Maggie that fit really well, but she did not have great fashion needs. Just safety when the guns were in the woods.

  8. We're looking forward to seeing your goat-ure! You're going to be beautiful! We'd like to know how tall you are Pricilla.

  9. we can't wait to see it - how nice to be getting something like that made just for you

  10. What great news! I bet you’ll really be stylin’ then.

  11. Pricilla, I don't see what's so bad about your red coat? It looks comfy and warm and red is my favorite color! Course, it will be nice to have a WARDROBE from which you can choose. That's a lady's prerogative, right?

  12. We went to check out Tootlewear and they make really cute outfits! We bet you'll look good in yours when it arrives. :)

  13. Lucky you! I am a jealous goat!


Maaaaaa away....


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