Thursday, December 5, 2013

I am an Embarrassed Goat

I cannot believe what the publicist did to me.
I am so embarrassed.

I am hiding in my goat house.
Do I not look ashamed?

Even those silly boys can't believe what they are seeing.
Well, I can't stay in there forever....

Do you believe this?
OK - MAYBE I was shivering in the cold morning.
MAYBE I am a bit chilly.

But do I deserve to have the publicist cut up one of her fleece sweatshirts and put it on me?
I look ridiculous!

This is what I maaaa to the publicist.
Take THAT publicist!
This is how I feel about this outfit!

OK - I did feel a bit warmer after she put it on me.
Which did make me feel better.
So I guess it's not TOO bad.

And I can still do my goat yoga.
So that is good.

Perhaps I will give this a little more consideration.
What do YOU think?


  1. It looks really cold out there, Pricilla! I don't like wearing clothes either, but I'd prefer warmth over style with snow on the ground.

  2. Oh Pricilla, we definitely think you should consider that coat very seriously. You look so nice in your coat. Our goat Peepers used to shiver too. Wish we had given her a nice little coat. Glad you have such a good publicist that takes such good care of you. Us older folks need a little extra care. So have a nice warm day.

  3. OMG the tongue shot killed me this morning! I just about spit out my coffee laughing! Thank you!

  4. Oh Pricilla . . . That looks sooo fetching on you.
    Absolutely lovely!

  5. you look fabulous in red!!! (and warm is always better)

  6. oh, the pic of you sticking out your tongue is PRICELESS, pric!

  7. Enjoy it. When I was cold last winter, I positively loved snuggling into the coat the human put on me. Red is absolutely your color!

  8. Also laughed out loud at the tongue shot. Hey Priscilla, at least your publicist didn't shave you naked first, like I did to my goats. :)

  9. You do look very cozy and comfy in that outfit, Priscilla. We think you look good in red!

  10. That color looks very nice on you. I think you should be honored.

  11. We bet the other goats are jealous of your red coat Pricilla! We think you look beautiful!

  12. Pricilla, maybe if you belt it. Add some accessories. It's all in the details. ; )

  13. I think it looks good. Pink is your color, Pricilla. Maybe a hat would be better since 90% of our heat lost is from our head.

    1. Duh, TW typed pink when I distinctly dictated RED.

  14. UH my message disappeared Ok, you look fantastic in red and you're so styling, which makes you the most stylish goat in the whole land.


Maaaaaa away....


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