Monday, December 30, 2013

Bernadette the FlirtyGoat

I don't know about that little Bernadette.
I think she is a flirtygoat!
It's true!
I would not lie.

This is how it all played out. She was on top of the little goathouse....

When she maaaaed to Keith the goat.
What could she want?

Keith wondered too?
He turned around.

"What do you want, kid?" he maaaed
I'm a BIG goat.
I don't have time for babies.

If that's the way you feel!
Then I won't maaaa you my secret.

What is it?

Nope. Not gonna maaaa you now!
Never, never, NEVER!

Awww, come on.
I'll maaa YOU a secret!

OK, but you have to come closer so I can whisper.
It's a SECRET after all!

What IS it?
Heeeeey! That's no secret! That's.....

....A KISS!

I'm outta here!

Wait for me!
You owe me a secret!

Go AWAY Bernadette!
Go away!

Oh well, I might as well eat.

So! Do you agree with me?
Is little Bernadette a FlirtyGoat?
What am I to do with her?


  1. Bernadette, you are too young to have boyfriends! Besides, I get the feeling Keith wouldn't care anyway.

  2. Oh Bernadette, you are just the cutest. Love you doing your head almost backwards. And telling secrets already. What a silly girl kid you are. Love the pictures.

  3. Oh, they are just too cute! I would get nothing done if I had goats because I'd be watching them all day!

  4. That was just toooo funny...thanks for the smiles to brighten my day. And I agree with Lin....I wouldn't get anything done because I would be watching the goats!

  5. she sure is silly..... but if Keith is any indication, we don't think you have much to worry about from the boys :)

  6. Bernadette, the boys will love you when you're a little older!

  7. Oh you sweet precious darling girl! You are going to have lots of boy admirers when you're older...though probably not from Keith. ;)

  8. Whoa! Does Bernadette kiss and tell? Will Keith kiss and tell? Who will Bernadette kiss next? Oooh, this is turning into a goat opera. MOL! Love it.

    1. PS: LOVE your new look. I don’t know how Pricilla feels though. Dunno how she feels about the playfull woman in the nightie under the post either.

  9. You are very correct! Tell her that will get her nothing but trouble!

  10. OMC!!! These photos are PRICELESS!!!
    I just love little Bernadette with her chin up in the air! ...she reminds me of Waffles.
    ...let's hope her coat doesn't turn orange.
    ; ) GG

  11. That is the cutest little picture story ever! Yes, Bernadette *is* a little flirt, but Keith IS kind of a cutie boy so I can see why she's flirting. Love your new look!

  12. Bernadette is definitely bound for a career in show business.


Maaaaaa away....


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