Saturday, November 23, 2013

Post Redux - Intermew with Stinky the Farm Cat

The publicist is not feeling well so we are digging into the archives today to bring you an older post. Enjoy!

In the continuing series of interviews with the animals on the Happy Goats Farm I would like to introduce you to Stinky the Cat. She is one of four cats that live here on the Farm. I am not much of a cat goat but the publicist just loves cats like crazy. Our male person says she is a cat magnet. I am not sure he is happy about this. But anyway, meet Stinky!

Stinky, how did you come to live with our publicist?

Don't get to close to me Pricilla, I don't want you to butt me. You always butt me.

Now Stinky, I am acting as a spokesgoat here and I am on my best behavior. Would you please just answer my questions? 

All right
as long as you promise not to butt me. I was just a little kitty living in a campground in New Jersey. My old owner had abandoned me. I don't know why; I am a very nice kitty. When our publicist found me my collar was so tight I could hardly breathe. I was so happy when she cut it off of me. It was a very cold night and there was snow everywhere. I was thrilled when I got to go into the warm trailer and eat good food.

Stinky is a rather, hmmmm, odoriferous name. Why are you called Stinky?

My original name was Threesa as in Three's a crowd because I was the third cat in the family but I am rather embarrassed to admit that at first -solely due to my bad diet while living in the wild -it was rather noticeable every time I used the litter box. This caused my name to be changed. I was not happy but I don't have control over these things. Now that I am eating regularly and eating really good food you never know when I have been in the box.

What do you do on the Farm?

I loung
e around. I eat a lot. I chase mice. I try and avoid Mr. Eagle; I don't want to get taken for a ride like Fred. I sit in the publicist's lap and give her cat hugs.

How do you feel about me and the other goats on the Farm?

Well, given that if I get too close to you I end up flying through the air I really don't think you want me to answer that question. The first time I met you I just wanted to sniff your nose and the next thing I knew I was airborne. Was this a nice thing to do to a small kitty cat?

I think we will end the intermew now. I hope you enjoyed meeting Stinky the Farm Cat and learning more about her.

Stinky wanted you to see her "fierce face" so I have included a picture of it for you. She used this face to scare the mice. Does it scare you?


  1. I didn't know Stinky's story before - I'm glad you re-ran it!

  2. We didn't know Stinky's story either. We sure are glad that the publicist took you in. That is not nice that Pricilla butts you but when we had goats, they would do the same thing. You just have to stay away from those silly goats. We sure hope the publicist feels better soon. Take care.

  3. A most enjoyable intermew. I enjoyed getting to know Stinky, and had often wondered about that name.

  4. Lovely nice to meet and know Stinky...Glad he has found a great home there with you and the publicist...Thanks for stepping in while your publicist rest!

  5. awww! nice to get to know stinky a bit as i missed the first post go-around. :)

  6. waving to Stinky!! we didn't know her story either. hope the publicist feels better soon

  7. We are new to your blog so we've never heard Stinky's story! Purrs to your publicist to fell better soon.

  8. We enjoyed Stinky's story! We hope the publicist feels better soon!

  9. Stinky, I'm from Joisey too! Inneresting innerview cos I didn't know your story. I can't believe those goats actually have the stones to butt you.

  10. This was all new news to us...thanks for the re-run!!! Stinky's expression is TERRIFYING.

    And we hope the Publicist is feeling better, too.

  11. No, she doesn't scare me--I think she looks like tons'o'fun! I LOVED reading about Stinky. I think your Human should give her a nicer name now.

    The Human got a little leaky reading about how Stinky started out :-( but it is soooooooo great your Human rescued her XOXOXOOX We hope the publicist feels better, too.

  12. Loved hearing your story Stinky & remember - it doesn't matter what you get called as long as you get called for dinner (mawahahaha). I cannot imagine getting butted in the air by Priscilla. it is a good thing that cats are very good acrobats, but I can see how being sent airborne would be a shock to a cats' system. It was awful to hear the terrible fate of Fred. You have good reason to beware the eagle. Thnak you for letting us get to know you better Stinky. You are a lovely girl cat & I am happy you were adopted bu the Publicist. We hope the Publicist feels better soon.

  13. Well, the Human is feeling sympathy for your Human especially strongly as she has a sore throat AND has used about 300 kleenexes so far today. She's kinda paffetic. Hope your Human is feeling better soon! XOXOXO

  14. I do hope you publicist is feeling better now. Goat hugs from me and the whole herd!


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