Saturday, November 16, 2013

It Was a Rhumablicious Day on the Farm

The publicist went into the barn yesterday and heard some sound out of AbbyGoat she has NEVER heard before.  She describes them as something like, "MaaaaAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaA! She asked Abby what she wanted and Abby just kind of cocked her head.

Then it hit the publicist!
It was Rhumba time!

It seems that the male person will be getting goatlings for his birthday.
I wonder if it will be three again?


Love and erm, Eau de Luke was in the air.
Abby seemed happy about the....perfume.


  1. I bet Abby is the envy of all the Happy Goats right now!

  2. Lots of excitement on the farm. More kids coming along. Maybe she will have three girls. It is time. Hope all have a great day.

  3. I'm sure that's EXACTLY what the Male Person wants for HIS birthday! ;)

  4. Are you ready to RUMMMMBBBBAAAAAA! Heh heh! Goatlets.

  5. Allie: wait, I need to cover Faraday's eyes... (*giggle!*)

  6. Those are disappointingly discreet pictures. I wanna see me some goatie porn, darn it.

  7. Luke looks awfully docile for a goat that has waited all year...

  8. Alas, no further photos of the love in bloom. Sigh.

  9. At least we know what makes Abby happy besides food! We can't wait to see baby goats though!

  10. It really is true what they say about love is in the air.


Maaaaaa away....


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