Monday, November 18, 2013

It Happened AGAIN!

I have had it.
Although I suppose it will happen many more times before the winter is out.

What you ask?

I would think Mother Nature would be kinder to us goats.

But NO!
More cold, white stuff all over.
If you look closely you will my opinion.

OK - here it is. - It's fuzzy but you get the idea.
That is how I feel.

I am not sure the boys are any happier.

And I KNOW Bernadette is not happy.
But at least they came out of the barn this time.

I am ready for the snow to go away again.
What about you? Do YOU have snow?


  1. No snow here, Pricilla - and none ever in my human's lifetime! The goats that live down here are not just happy goats, they are dancing for joy goats!

  2. Oh No not snow again. Poor goats. We sure hope it goes away really soon. That darn snow. We will sure tell the sun to come visit you. Take cares.

  3. no snow here - thank cod. but it certainly is stay warm (and dry)

  4. Nope, no snow in Florida! Just rain. But YOU look so pretty with the snow backdrop!

  5. awww. poor furry babies! no snow here yet. yesterday was 86F. today will be about 20 degrees cooler and more normal, thankfully.

  6. We had thunderstorms and wind, but not the snow yet. When it comes it had better be enough to play on.

  7. i want lots of that! we hit 74 yesterday with rain. bring on the snow!!!

  8. No snow here so come on over! We have lots of leaves for you to munch up too!

  9. Poor goaties, it does look cold! No snow here in Beautiful Southeastern Arizona, it's 75 right now at 3 PM. ;)

  10. Everyone looks so puffy! It's sure pretty out there but...brrrrrrrr!!!!! I'll wish you some sun to bask in.

  11. No sticking snow yet. Heck, we had tornadoes yesterday, I don't think I can handle shoveling snow just yet. And I hope it holds off for the families cleaning up from the tornadoes. :(

  12. I feel for you. We haven't had snow yet, but we've had rain and mud! Yuck.


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