Friday, November 29, 2013

Farm Cat Friday - Yawn, Burp, ZZzzzzzz

I hope all of my US readers had a very Happy Thanksgiving yesterday.
The Farm cats sure did.
They got a special treat for dinner.
They all seemed to have a wild hair and ran around like crazy beasts and then.....

It was that kind of day.

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  1. We kitties got lots of turkey when my human and her boyfriend came home from their dinner! And you want to hear something cool - one of my human's boyfriend's nephews has a girlfriend who LOVES goats (she has had them in the past)! So my human showed her your blog and she totally fell in love with Luke! He really gets the ladies, doesn't he?

    1. I understand completely - he is adorable. Thank your human for me Sparkle!

  2. You kitties sure look like a good Thanksgiving day was had by all. Nothing better than a good nap after all that food. You all have a great day.

  3. I would think that kitties might get extra treats after a day known for eating cooked fowl. Hope it was lovely.

  4. We're doing the same thing here although it'd be much better if you two handsome Farm Mancats were here to snuggle with!

  5. Sherpa, we're loving your double dangle down!

  6. Are you guys sleepy from all that turkey? It makes my peeps tired too.

  7. Sherpa, The dangly paws get the Human very time. The Human brought turkey home for me after her fancy dinner but as usual I spurned the offer. I likes me some CAT FOOD!

  8. You guys must have loaded up on some really NOMMY Thanksgiving dinner. Love the pictures!

  9. We had that kind of Thanksgiving too. It was a great day for basking.


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