Friday, November 8, 2013

Farm Cat Friday - Time for Me to High Tail it Out of Here

Sherpa the Farm cat here.
That white stuff fell from the sky.
I do not like it.
It means it's getting cold and that means I can't lie on the deck and soak up the sun.
So I think I'm gonna go south.
Follow the sun.
I've got a plan.

Don't tell anyone, OK?
I found the publicist's purse on the bed.

I know she keeps her green papers in there.

They are in there somewhere.
I KNOW they are.
When I find them I am going to hide them in my furs.

Then I am going to hop in the male person's suitcase.
It always goes on trips.

It will be sure to take me somewhere warm, right?

OK suitcase I'm ready to travel.
Let's go!
Sunshine here I come!

What do you mean I need identification?!
EVERYONE knows Sherpa the Farm cat!
Don't they?


  1. Kitties don't need ID - that is just for humans. We are welcome everywhere!

  2. Good plan Sherpa. Hope you find some nice warm balmy place so you can stay warm. Hope that white stuff goes away soon.

  3. You've got enough floof to hide the green papers, Sherpa! How about burrowing yourself to somewhere warm like under the lovely comforter?

  4. Sherpa don't need no stinkin' papers! ;)

  5. you could come visit us, but is chilly here in Ohio too :)

  6. oh, sherpa, i'd welcome you with open arms, but my dogs might have other ideas. it sounds like a good plan, though.

  7. That does sound like a good plan. Can I go with you?

  8. Sherpa, come HERE! Mommy will mix you up with Scouty and she'll NEVER know!

  9. time to get used to winter sherpa! sorry to be the one with the bad news!

  10. You can come over here but we're expecting snow the middle of next week. It'll buy you some time.

  11. Let me know if that works for ya. I'll be right behind you!

  12. Sherpa - You are one smart kitty. You may want to research some digs in Australia or South American cuz Summer is just getting started in those parts of the World & that is where the sun puddles will be hangin out for the next 6 months. You might just want to reserve your heaty pad on the window sill in case there is a flight delay. It's always good to have a Plan B when planning to travel.


Maaaaaa away....


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