Thursday, November 7, 2013

Bernadette Did NOT Like the Snow

You all saw on Tuesday how those noisy boys did not know what to make of the white stuff on the ground.
What I did not show to you was how little Bernadette reacted to the snow.

She was not sure about this change to her world.
She had never seen snow either and she was one confused little goat.
Her nanny ran down to the goat pen just like she normally does - Louise knows all about snow.
But to Bernadette her whole world had changed overnight!

She was not sure about this white stuff AT ALL!

If you cannot see the movie you can watch it on YouTube HERE

She found her nanny and then all was right with her world.
Isn't that the way of it?

She has now adjusted.
I just hope the next snow isn't higher than Bernadette!


  1. Oh Bernadette, you are so so cute. That darn snow is funny stuff. Hope that white stuff goes away soon. Take care.

  2. Poor Bernadette. :) The first winter that our previous shepard was a pup (WAY back when), we had a huge snow storm. Hazzard went running out of the house - and promptly disappeared as he went through the top of the snow. We fished him back out but apparently it had been fun as he went back for more.

  3. Sweet Bernadette, at least she ventured out into the snow...unlike some little boy goats! :)

  4. How sweet to see Bernadette's first look at snow! what a cutie

  5. i think little B was braver than those boys were! :)

  6. It didn't take her too long to step onto the snowy path. What a cutey pie.

  7. I'm sorta like that with the first snow too....don't want to go out in it. It's pretty if you can stay inside all day...

  8. It must be quite the shock to come out and see all that white!

  9. Bernadette did NOT seem too thrilled with all that snow!

  10. I think Bernadette was WAAAAAAAAY braver than those boy babies!

  11. Snow is such a mind-blower for animal babies of all kinds!

  12. I don't think I'd like the snow either, Bernadette.


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