Tuesday, November 26, 2013

AbbyDay - I Do Things On MY Schedule NOT the Publicist's

It's AbbyDay, the best day of the week. I think this blog should be The Maaaa of Abby.
What do you think?

After I am milked I leave the barn and I go where I want.
I do not do what the publicist says.
I am AbbyGoat!

I go to munch on some bark.
I like bark.
Why should I NOT nibble on bark?

It just tastes so very, very good.
Mmmm, fiber.
Do you like some bark for your breakfast?

My kid Ricky the goat looks a bit jealous, doesn't he?
I think he would like to join me.
But HE listened to the publicist and he is IN his pen.

Oh well, Ricky!
That is what you get for being a GOOD goat.
I am not a nice nanny, am I?

What publicist?
Are you yammering at me?
I don't care.
I want to eat bark.
Go away!

Leave me to my breakfast in peace.
It's bad enough I have to have the kid watching.

See you all next week.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving.
I'll be eating bark.


  1. Abby, we have a couple of cats here that are just like you too. Everyone wants to be boss.Take care.

  2. Oh Abby.....you must give the publicist a run for her money :)

  3. bark sounds good! lots of fiber and flavor! happy thanksgiving to all the happy goats, loud roosters, farm cats and humans, too!

  4. Bark is very delicious! I don't blame you for ignoring your publicist and eating yummy bark!

  5. That's a lot of bark to last you till Thanksgiving, Abby! That is if you don't need to share them with the other goats!

  6. It does seem like you rule the roost there Abby! You'd think the publicist would have learned that by now!

  7. Abby, you are a goat after my own heart. A little rebellion is good for a special goat like yourself. I would remind the Publicist that, after producing so many offspring for her, you deserve a little freedom to wander from your pen & eat as much bark as you like. While I am not sure that bark was eaten by the pilgrims at the first Thanksgiving, it is likely to remain on the menu as a specialty item for goats only. On the positive side, bark is probably a lot less fatening than sweet potato with gooey marshmallows, so enjoy a delicious Thanksgiving Abby & remember - there's always room for Jello...I mean bark.
    Happy Thanksgiving to the publicist & we hope she is feeling better,

  8. Happy Thanksgiving AbbyGoat! Oh yeah, and to all the other goats, the Farm Cats, and The Publicist and The Male Person too!! :)

  9. I can’t believe wood tastes good. Maybe if it was peppermint bark.


Maaaaaa away....


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