Tuesday, November 19, 2013

AbbyDay - I am a Fashion Forward Goat

It's AbbyDay, the best day of the week, written by the best goat on Earth. Hmmm, the best goat in the UNIVERSE!

And don't you forget it!

I am modeling the latest goat fashion.
Do you see what it is?
It is a very stylin' chicken feather.

They are currently all the rage!
I would know - I keep up with the latest and greatest.

I was maaaaing this to Thelma the goat over some tasty minerals.
I am not sure she was as impressed as she should have been.

I maaaaed a little louder.
And I made sure she UNDERSTOOD that I knew what I was maaaaing about.
That if she wanted to be a stylish goat that she would sport a feather too.

She STILL did not believe me.
I do not understand these young goats these days.

I finally put my hoof down and my ruff up!
I think she finally got the message.
That or she got tired of trying to get to the mineral bucket.

Either way I was able to enjoy my minerals in peace.
As it should be.
After all, I am ABBYGOAT!

The publicist came over to ask about my fashion statement.
I am not sure she understood it either.

I just looked off into the distance like any SuperModelGoat would.
I mean have you seen how that woman dresses?
What does she know about fashion anyway.

I did let her pet me.
THAT she know quite well.


  1. So Abby, does that mean that you nailed one of the chickens with your nice horn. But that is quite the fashion statement, that feather. Hope the chicken is all right. Take care.

  2. Who cares about wearing a chicken feather! I want chicken… in my mouth!

  3. That is quite the fashion statement. Be careful you don't lose it. I suspect you don't have a closet.

  4. ha! love the feather ... might have to consider that in one of my earring designs :O

    1. I can provide you with a chicken so you can pluck the feathers.

  5. i think you were going for camouflage! several of those shots, you blended right into the chickens!

  6. well it is a statement.....do those just float around or did you actually get it off a chicken?? MOL

  7. Whoa! What happened to the rest of the chicken?? That's what I want to know.

  8. Hmmm...how does the chicken look after you, um, 'liberated' the feather? ;)

    1. The chicken molted that feather so I erm, acquired it.

  9. I'm just wonderin' how it got there? I hope the chicken has some feathers left!

  10. We think it was beautiful on you Abby!

  11. We couldn't get past the idea of WEARING a fevver...one that small here would be...erm...INGESTED.

  12. Well, it is quite the fashion statement. I'm not sure I want to know how you managed to get that feather to stay.


Maaaaaa away....


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