Monday, October 7, 2013

What is This?

The neighbors came for a visit.
They are very nice neighbors.
They are nice neighbors even when they don't bring us treats but when they bring us treats they are the best neighbors in the world.

Do you know what is in that bucket?
Well maybe I will keep you in suspense for a while.
Maybe you will guess, maybe you will not.

I will maaa to you that the neighbors were using a press to make juice.
Can you guess now?
No, not apple pieces - PEAR PIECES!

And they brought them over for US!
Isn't that nice?

The publicist shared them around so we all could enjoy this very tasty treat.
Do you think the boys found the pears to be yummy?

I think they did!

Then she gave some to my studmuffin.
He gobbled them right down.
And then he burped in her face.

Then it was our turn in the doe pen.
Somegoat couldn't even wait for the publicist to spread them around.
Any guesses as to which goat that might be?

She at them right out of the bucket.

The publicist put some pear pieces in different places so we could all enjoy some.
Thelma and Louise actually SHARED.
Shocking, I know!

I really enjoyed these pear pieces.
They were so sweet and delicious.

Oh, you are wondering about little Bernadette?
Well she had never seen pear before.
What did she think of it?

What do you think?

So all of us goats here on the Farm thank our very nice neighbors for the unexpected and yummy treat!
We really enjoyed it!


  1. We guessed apple. Heh heh. We bet those pears must be really tasty! You guys have such pawsome neighbors!

  2. My human says pears are awesome! Me, I have my doubts...

  3. Goodness, those pears were a huge hit with everyone. Pricilla, glad you had your own little private spot. Those are really nice neighbors. Hope you all have a super day.

  4. I have no goats to share with, but maybe next pear harvest I will try juice. Nice treat.

  5. those are very nice neighbors indeed!! love Bernadette climbing up to get her share

  6. Pears. What will they think of next? Since you liked them, I'd say you have nice neighbors.

  7. Glogirly says YUM!!!
    When Gloman asked what she wanted from the store to feel better she said chicken noodle soup and PEARS!
    : )

  8. That looks like a little slice of pear-adise!

  9. WOW! You certainly have nice neighbors! Do you bring them milk or anything in return?

  10. Wow! What a fantastic treat! We loved watching little Bernadette nibble on hers and of course, YOU, Pricilla--you is just a little girl yourself--you need to eat more, I think.

  11. Lucky goats! I've never gotten to try pear.


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