Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Indignity!

Sometimes I cannot believe the things the publicist makes me do.
I just want to have my quiet life; munch my hay, eat the occasional apple and bask in the sun.
I know I am a Famous SpokesGoat and I take my job VERY seriously but when I am not working, I AM NOT WORKING! Why can she not understand this?

The other day I was just sitting in the goat pen enjoying the sun when she called me out.
She said it would be "fun."
She has a strange idea of "fun."

LOOK at what she made me do:

Does she think I am some kind of prop?
I am not a PROP!
I am, as I maaaed above a FAMOUS SpokesGoat.

Not some kind of sidekick for her use.
Can you tell I am NOT a happy goat?

What is your first clue.....
Do you want to know WHY she subjected me to this?
I thought it was going to be something really big but it was for a giveaway on her blog.
I am shill for HER blog now.

I'd rather eat grass.
In fact, I started TO eat grass.
That ended that now, didn't it?

I am no dummy goat.
When she needed photos again I was not asked to pose.

She found somegoat who really couldn't protest.
I will have to have a maaaaa with Bernadette.
That way when she gets too big to pick up she will know when to put her hoof down.


  1. Pricilla, I refuse to pose with my human! Every time she tries, I make a point to ruin it.

  2. But Pricilla, those are some really nice pictures of you and the publicist. You both look really good. Take care.

  3. Patty, these are really great photos! I don't know, but you looked really relaxed and happy to me. Not that you weren't know what I mean. Oh....the great friends are cute too!

  4. except for diva pricilla, these were fine shots! :)

  5. One has to love the creativity of Pricilla. Such a clever gal she is.

  6. Ummm, Pricilla, I hate to break it to you, but you've been a shill for the blog for many, many years now.

    1. Pricilla maaaas, " For MY blog, not HERS!" Harumph!

  7. We think Bernadette is kinda of enjoying posing for photos. Just look at that smile!

  8. Oh, quit your complaining. You were loving the attention. So what was she giving away? Apples?

  9. Oh Pricilla, it's not nice to stick out your tongue at the camera! LOL!!

  10. best way to avoid being used...stick you tongue out at the camera (and make sure there is some unsuspecting youngster around)

  11. Pricilla, We think you look like you are SO enjoying that affection. You're just pretending to be outraged, aren't you?

    You are a much tinier girl than I had imagined and your Human is sooooooo pretty.

  12. Well we think you're ALL adorable. Even when you stick your tongue out. ...Pricilla that is. ha!
    ; )

  13. Well, you certainly got upstaged by that adorable Bernadette!

  14. A spokesgoat must always be ready for photo ops, dear. Perhaps it was time for a new picture? You sure rocked the photos though. Too funny!

  15. You go, Pricilla! You've got to let that publicist know you are in charge, not her!


Maaaaaa away....


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