Saturday, October 12, 2013

Huntin' Mousie

I'm Harry the Farm cat and I'm huntin' mousie.

Huntin' mousie in the barn.
It's early - you can see the sun just peaking in the window.

I'm just waking up but there are mousies to be hunted so I must do my work.
It is hard work.
I have to keep watch.

I look.

And I look.

And I look.
Whew! All that looking can make a mousie hunter tired.

But I will look some more because it's WHAT I DO!

Now I will look over here.
You never know where a mousie will appear.

I will stay on the job ALL DAY LONG looking for mousies.
Don't you worry!
I am an expert mousie hunter.


  1. I hope there are some mousies for you, Harry!

  2. Harry, you sure are doing a good job looking for those mouses. Also you are doing one terrific job of balancing up there on that board. Hope you find one soon. Take care.

  3. We hope you don't have to wait too long for the mousies to show up, Harry. The tiny platform you're standing on looks like it may hurt after a while...

  4. We have a cat in our barn. I hope he is as good a mousie hunter as you.

  5. Hey Buddy! That looks just exhausting! I think you need to relax a little more. Maybe some of those other kitties can take a shift keeping watch, and wake you if there's a mousie sighting?

  6. You're the best mouser I know, Harry. Tell your Publicist to look cos I comment on the ladder climber Sherpa yesterday.

  7. Well, Pricilla, GOATIES are trustworthy. I'm not so sure about WOOFIES.

  8. Yea! for expert mousie hunters!

  9. good job Harry - keepin' the farm and goats safe from mousies!!


Maaaaaa away....


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