Saturday, October 19, 2013

Bernadette Maaas That There is an INVADER in the Goat Barn!

It's true!
I would not lie.
Little Bernadette was all up in hooves.

Just look at her.
Does she not look worried?
What has her so discomhoofled?

What else?
Harry the Farm cat!
He has come into the barn a little early to hunt mousie.
He usually waits until we leave.

But he did NOT wait.
He was very anxious to start his huntin'.
So he jumped right up.
I am not sure that Louise is very happy either.

Harry did not CARE.
He had places to be and mousies to hunt!

He went in to AbbyGoat's pen!
He is one brave kitty.
But he was not done moving around yet.
Oh no - he went further.

He went into....
Luke the goat's pen!
That is one gutsy cat.
He stayed there until we all left.
Luke did not seem to notice which was good for Harry.

Would YOU want to get in the way of those horns?

ps:  if you did not get a chance to see Stinky the Farm Cat's starring role on the blog yesterday please go back and take a look at her post on Food for Senior Cats. If you can a like on Facebook would be greatly appreciated by this old goat.


  1. That Harry is pretty brave! My human thinks Luke is cute, but he scares me a little!

  2. Wow. We aren't sure if we want to go anywhere near Luke's impressive horns! You might want to be stay out of the pens until everygoat is out, Harry!

  3. Harry, you one brave boy to go in Luke's pen. He might have tossed you into next week. That Bernadette is so darn cute. Hope she gets to stay on the farm. Take care.

  4. i love harry's paws on the edge of that board. :)

  5. yeah for Bernadette!! and Harry - you are very brave but BE careful

  6. The handsome Harry must have had Wheaties for breakfast to be out and about so early. I am glad AbbyGoat didn't notice. I think her temper and attitude might be almost worse than Luke's horns!!!
    I hope Harry was successful in his hunt for mousies!!

  7. Those mousies must really be yummy for him to brave Luke's pen!

  8. Harry is very determined to do that sorta stuff!

  9. Harry is giving everyone lots of worries, except himself.

  10. Hrry is very brave but he's got sharp teeth and claws and could take Luke on, not that he'd want to since cats are peace-loving creatures.

  11. Oh, but has Luke met Harry's CLAWRS?

  12. Uh. or maybe we meant "scarce"? Well, either way!

  13. Uh-oh. Now this makes no sense at all! Okay, backing up: We would tOtALLY respect those horns!

    Sorry we have been scarce (the first time we wrote this, we typed "scare"--hence the correction!) ::glares at Human:: Things should be better now!

  14. Is Harry bigger than Bernadette?!? Hahaha, that's very silly!

    By the way, I might be a little bit skerred of Luke, too.

  15. Well, imagine the nerve of coming in before you are all out of the barn.


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