Thursday, October 31, 2013

Bad Thelma! Bad, Bad, BAD Thelma!

First I would like to wish all of you humans out there a Happy Halloween. We goats do not celebrate this holiday but I did hear the publicist say something about us getting corn stalks for a treat.

Mmmmm, corn stalks.

But back to my story for today.
Thelma was a baaaaad goat.
It's true! I would not lie.

The publicist was all set to milk her and.....

The publicist ran out after her and put the leash on her.
The publicist was GOING TO MILK HER!

Thelma thought she was FREE.
She thought she was going into the goat pen.

Silly, silly Thelma.
You do not thwart the publicist!

Even if you think you are going to, she ALWAYS wins.
That look will not change a thing, Thelma.

See - where are you right now?
Huh, huh?

Right where you should have been in the first place.
It's not so bad.
Look at all that grain!

AbbyGoat, was of course shocked by the whole affair as she waited to be milked.

AbbyGoat maaas that SHE never runs away.
She is a good goat.



  1. geeze thelma...i would think you would run to the milking area with all of that yummy grain?

  2. Thelma, we can't believe that you misbehaved. But glad the publicist got control over you, you silly girl. That grain did look yummy. Happy Halloween to all.

  3. Well, Thelma, you milked that for all its worth, didn't you?!

  4. silly the publicist wasn't going to catch you.....

  5. Sometimes I run away when I am going to be pilled!

  6. Good try Thelma! Of course Abby doesn't miss a milking if there's grain involved!

  7. Oh my. THAT LOOK you gave the Publicist was just pawsome! *clap clap clap*

  8. I'm glad to see The Publicist won out in the end! I had to laugh at Robin's comment! :)

  9. Some goat is looking for a mate! MOL! I'd be shocked too. Bad Thelma. Happy Howl-o-ween!

  10. See now if she'd just let it happen right away she could have been back the business of nonsense quicker!

  11. Honestly! Those Humans! They just have to have everything their own way, don't they?

    But Telma was a silly goatie-girl. Milking feels good, doesn't it?? Plus: Fuds! What's not to love?

  12. :) We appreciated baaaad Thelma. We have a few naughty animals of our own!

  13. Why would anyone run away from being milked and getting all that grain? Silly Thelma.

  14. YOu have a rebel in the house! Silly Thelma!!!

  15. Oh Thelma- so silly for running away!! Naughty-LOL

  16. Thelma- it's the way of the nanny-goat world. But you do get grain. Hey!


Maaaaaa away....


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