Thursday, October 17, 2013

Are You in the Mood for Love?

If you are not, Luke the Goat is.
He invited Thelma the goat over to his pen for a date!
(I am sooooooooo jealous - he is MY studmuffin!)

He is such a good date too!
First thing he did was offer her a nice meal.
The very first nibble of fresh hay. With grain on top.
He doesn't stint.

I remember when I was his one and only.
Those were the days.

Thelma enjoyed her meal.
What doe wouldn't?

Luke waited patiently for her to finish.
But I know he wanted to Rhumba.
If he were on Dancing with the Goat Stars he would score all 10s!

It's time for the dance.
We will leave them alone now.
The Rhumba IS the dance of love after all.
You would want to be alone, wouldn't you?

It is Luke's FAVORITE time of year!


  1. I do have to say, they make a cute couple!

  2. Oh goodie more little kid babies.around the farm. Thelma is so pretty. Luke, you are one lucky guy. Take care, all of you.

  3. thank you for sparing us the voyeurism! :)

  4. Luke, how COULD you? Sorry, Pricilla. I think in his heart you're still his number one goat.

  5. They are all players, aren't they? :(

  6. Well get ready for more boy goats, Pricilla. It seems Luke is partial to sons. Maybe we will get lucky and there will be more girls this time!

  7. Um, I saw what part of her he was staring at while she was eating. That dirty double crosser!

  8. At least she got dinner first! Hope the Rumba results in girls!

  9. You'll be having spring break babies on the farm too! Lots of dancing going on around here. I still think I'll have to vote for Fionn although Luke is quite handsome.


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