Tuesday, October 1, 2013

AbbyDay - I Make a BIG Announcement

It's AbbyDay, the most important day of the week so it only stands that I should maaaa the most important news of the Farm.

Get your minds out of the buck pen people!

There is going to be a new soap in MY Pricilla's soap shop! And since I AM the most important goat on this Farm, the publicist said that I could maaaaa the news to you. OK, OK - I did threaten to butt her but I still think she would have let me maaa it to you anyway.

It is in honor of Harry the Farm cat and it is a MOUSY SOAP! She hasn't had the mold that long so they are still curing but should be available in the shop in about two weeks.

When they are ready I will have a name the mousy contest and give one away on AbbyDay! What do you think of that?

Although given the way the publicist runs things around this Farm AND it's in honor of Harry maybe we should call him Brainless!
I am one funny goat!

He will be available in limited scents to start and if he becomes popular the publicist will buy another mold. She is not letting Harry near his brains......

So stay tuned and start thinking of a mousie name!
I will be back with the contest in two weeks!


  1. A soap shop? What a fun idea. And your soap looks really cute too. Wishing you lots of success with it.

  2. That is such good looking soap that looks like a cute mousey. We will have to put your thinking caps on for a name. We are not good at names though. Take care.

  3. I thought of "mouse brains" with that first look at that adorable soap!! And I like the heart-shapes on the bars behind that sweet mousie soap too.

  4. Awwwww-dorable mousie soap! I love it. Must have it. And Abby, you are not nice in your references to Harry!

  5. That soap is just too cute to be used! SO so cute!

  6. Your publicist is so talented! That's a very cute mouse.

  7. Mousie soap eh? If I liked soap, I'd like mousie soap I guess. If I liked soap.

    Nice badge, Pricilla! Maybe you'll be unique--not that you're not already, as the only Goatie Viceroy!

  8. That soap is adorable, Abby. I'm gonna put my thinking cap on.

  9. Very cute... but who's brainless, harry the farm cat or all the mice he catches?


Maaaaaa away....


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