Thursday, October 3, 2013

A New Treat!

The publicist brought us a new treat.
It was something the male person grew in the garden this year.
Something he had never grown before.
Something therefore we had never eaten.

Are you curious?

Can you tell what it is?
Here I am tasting it for the very first time.
I am not sure yet if I like it or not.

The publicist said she put 12 big gallon bags of it in the freezer and she made a big batch of "chips" from it.
Have you guessed yet?

She told me it's KALE!
As you can see I decided I liked this kale very much!
I wanted MORE, MORE, MORE.

But so did the other goats.
They kept chasing me so I had to run with my kale in my mouth!

The publicist finally gave them some of their own and they left me alone to enjoy my treat in peace.

Which I did.

I maaaaa to you that this kale stuff is TASTY!
I can't wait 'til I have some more.

I am very glad the male person grew this new treat.
Do you like kale?


  1. The humans here LOVE kale! As a matter of fact, my human is planning on getting a special type of juicer for kale and other leafy greens (she has a Bed, Bath and Beyond 20% coupon). Me? I just want meat!

  2. I don't think us kitties would enjoy Kale and the Person has not ever had any. Don't know why not but sure glad you are enjoying it so much Pricilla. Have a fun day.

  3. Kale chips? Hmmm. We've never seen Kale before but Tutu says she's game to give it a try!

  4. I just started eating kale this year -- it's all the rage. So you goaties are right on trend!

  5. You goats get all the best stuff!! Glad the first taste was yours, Pricilla!

  6. Nope. Never had it. But if YOU say it's good, Pricilla, I may have to try it. The Publicist is very good to you. :)

  7. And kale is healthy too!
    Glogirly tries to like it...but she's not quite won over yet.
    ; )

  8. I can't believe the stuff you goats eat. Blah!

  9. I love kale! And I have a friend who makes the chips. They are ok. I like it just cooked, or even raw in salads.

  10. Kale! No way! I never tried it!! I need to take after your goaties:)

  11. Kale! No way! I never tried it!! I need to take after your goaties:)


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