Saturday, September 14, 2013

It's That Time of Year, Part 2

You will recall that I maaaaed to you about Luke the goat and this time of year.
I am now going to show you what the publicist sees (and hears - it is LOUD so be sure your volume is not too high) in the morning.

That Luke is trying to convince AbbyGoat that he is a catch!
She, of course already know this and you can hear her softly maaaing back to him.
You can also hear those boys.
And the stupid rooster.

If you cannot see the movie you can watch it on YouTube HERE.

Silly Luke!
He is going to get a headache!


  1. That Luke wants his woman. He is just a little loud. Take care everyone.

  2. Oh Luke.....

    BTW - Jake the foster kitten is sleeping on mom. He didn't think Luke was all that interesting, but the rooster sure got his attention.

  3. Oh Luke, maybe you ought to try a bouquet of daisies. ...or at least a nice bunch of carrot tops.
    ; )

  4. Luke, oh Luke. There's just one thing on his mind now, isn't there? We hope all that butting is only against the wood and not on the Publicist...that WOULD hurt.

  5. Oh poor frustrated Luke! How long does this season last?

  6. Uh, when will he and Abby get to, um, you they just do it the one time? or is it an on-going event? What about the other girls? Inquiring minds and all.

  7. Animals sure don't have to curb their desires with propriety.

  8. HAH! Sure you can fit him with a goat condom or something so they can do as nature intended?

  9. Oh my, Luke. My Human has learned some interesting things about you, yes she has!

  10. That reminds me of our Fionn. He likes to show how strong his horns are too.


Maaaaaa away....


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