Monday, September 9, 2013

I am a Famouser Goat

I have exciting news!
I have been given the most wonderful honor.
I am now, thanks to my friend Spitty the perpetually napping Kitty, Viceroy of the Mission District!

I am an even more Famous goat now!
Do you see my name on the map?

I have no idea what my new duties are or who will be kissing my hooves but I am very proud.

I think I will have some apples to celebrate.
I just need some minions now to serve me.

Any takers?


  1. The Mission District is the kind of place my human's friends live - I am not sure if this is a good or a bad thing, Pricilla!

  2. Oh Pricilla, congrats to ya. That is so exciting. We sure hope it is a good thing. We would be glad to be one of your Minions. Have a great day.

  3. That's so cool, Priscilla. Congratulations! We think you have lots of minions on your farm! *cluck cluck*

  4. Doesn't the publicist count as a minion? Maybe you can recruit the other goats too.

  5. Concatulations! I think you may be a Mayor or something with lots of Staff to serve you.

  6. What an honor! It looks to me like you have a minion feeding you apples already! :)

  7. That's quite an honor Pricilla! We bet your area has the fewest weeds of all of the districts!

  8. Congradulations Priciallia. I am aware that Spitty is highly selective as to whom he bestows titles such as Vicroy on. I believe you are the first ever spokesgoat to be designated a territory on Spitty's Kindoms' Map. Quite a score for a goat. Many cats will be disappointed to have lost the honor to an apple nibbler/hay muncher. Not that a cat would ever feel superior to another species (MOLeoooooowwhahahahaha). Potential minions are everywhere. Look for those who can be easily swayed to follows your wishes. Someone with traits of the Publisher should do well. Get those grandkids trained to do your bidding. Training should be done while their minds are still easily influenced & they will not question why they are doing your bidding. Why now you are Grandgoat Vicroy Pricillia the famous spokesgoat - quite a title. Those farmcats are not likely minion material as they are cats afterall and are loyal only as long as treats are being thrown on the floor. Even if they were willing, they cannot be depended on. If a sun puddle appeared in the middle of carrying out your dishes, cats will just lose concentration & feel compelled to lounge in the sun puddle for several hours or until their next meal is served. Let everyone know of your title and show your territory map proudly. Spitty is one smart cat - he understands that having a famous goat as one of your leaders is key to becoming a World ruler.

  9. You must join in to defend my castle against all attackers. Uh, you must accept the tributes from you subjects, especially apples and stuff. I think that about covers it.

    And, uh, listen to that Ellen ^^^^^ She seems pretty smart.


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