Friday, September 6, 2013

Farm Cat Friday - Sherpa Lounges Where?

The publicist looked out of the yurt and what did she see?
She saw Sherpa lounging.
Now there is nothing unusual about Sherpa lounging but it was WHERE he was lounging that made her laugh.

Is he a silly cat or what?
He is lounging on a folded, well lounge chair.
But it is a HUMAN lounge chair.

Even Pumpkin the Farm cat looks a bit shocked!
Maybe that's over his erm, exposure.

Sherpa does not seem to care.
He is quite relaxed.


Yes, we are maaaaing about you cat.
You look a bit silly.

I don't think he cares.
I will never understand cats!


  1. that looks like a kitty bed with a great view!

  2. Haha. Sherpa definitely doesn't care about airing everything out in the open!

  3. Oh Sherpa, you are just airing your belly. Nothing wrong with that. Hope all of you have a great day.

  4. I like the leg in the air. What is with that?! No, Sherpa, you don't have to toast your underside! What a goofball.

  5. Funny how different cats sit/lie different ways. I saw a cow-cat this week that always sat with both legs out to the same side.

  6. We can learn from such feline wisdom. Sherpa is always fun.

    Nellie loves to lounge on human chairs. One of her favorite napping places.

  7. I bet Sherpa can market that thing!
    Wouldn't be surprised if we see them at Target, Home Depot...
    ; )

  8. I dunno, he looks pretty comfortable to me - we kitties would lie there too!

  9. He makes us want to lounge there too!

  10. human chair or not, it looks pretty comfy.....nice place to snooze boys!!

  11. It's a lounge chair, of course Sherpa is going to lounge. In fact, he probably thinks he is being generous by letting the publicist use it at all.

  12. I think he's jealous of Harry's lounge so he wants his own. I don't think he looks silly at all.

  13. Sherpa is a clever cat to take a human lounge chairs & see the folded chairs potential to become a perfect lounger for Sherpa. Pumpkin may be in shock & awe of Sherpa's exposed nether-regions, but Sherpa is a sensible mancat & lounging on a hot day often includes airing out ones tummy & other hot spots. Pumpkin should be accustomed to Sherpas'nature boy behaviors by now. Sherpa is a sensible cat, he does whatever makes him comfy. As for Pumpkin, there is that saying that "A cat can look at a king." Hail King Sherpa, King of the fallen & folded lounger! Long live Lazy Cats!!!


Maaaaaa away....


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