Tuesday, September 10, 2013

AbbyDay - The Joys of NannyHood

It's AbbyDay, the best day of the week. I am the best goat in the world so I am of course, the best nanny in the world.

As you all know by now this is a goat's favorite time of year.
We gets lots and lots and lots and LOTS of treats from the male person's garden.

I REALLY enjoy those treats.
Treats like carrot greens.
Mmmmm, carrot greens.

But even better than eating them maaaself is introducing these tasty nibbles to my kids for the first time.

Sometimes they are not so sure about new foods.
I'm sure all of you human moms out there know how kids can be!

But then when they actually TASTE the new food - magic happens!
Not to mention cute!
Rudy the goat looks adorable with carrot greens in his mouth if I do maaa so maaaself!

They soon started munching away on their new treat.
Rudy did seem to like them more than Ricky but they both did eat them.

I got silly with them to show them that food can be fun.
I can be silly!

All in all I think my kids are the best!
Don't all nannies?


  1. Ick, all that green stuff! You goats can have it!

  2. That Rudy is one cute boy. Glad you two are enjoying those carrot greens. We never worry about Abby enjoying anything. Everything is her favorite.

  3. A good nanny knows food taste nicer when you have fun with them!

  4. You are a very good nanny to teach your kids to eat their greens! :)

  5. good job getting the kids to eat their greens :)

  6. We like cat grass but your greens look even better than that! Rudy is still so little!

  7. Well, I think they are too! Such sweet goaties...eating all the....uh....everything!

  8. Rudy is adorable no matter what he does


Maaaaaa away....


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