Tuesday, September 17, 2013

AbbyDay- I Maaaa for Help for the Animals in Colorado

It's AbbyDay and I am maaaing today for a good cause.
You don't believe I can be a generous goat?!

Of course I can.

I have a very good life here on my Farm with my kids and even Pricilla.
I get lots to eat and a nice barn for bedding down.

Lots of animals in Colorado right now are losing their nice, warm homes because of all of the flooding.
I know I would be a very scared goat if the male person and publicist had to leave because of a disaster and couldn't take care of me us any more. But sometimes that happens.

It has happened to some animals in Colorado -  like these poor donkeys.

photo from Blogpaws

They need to find their publicist and male person again. Thanks to the Blogpaws Disaster Response Network I am maaing to you today with some information so you can help:

So what can you do? You can help spread the word about the places that need help. We know there are many out there, and here are a few that we know personally. We've been to these shelters, we've met many of their staff and we've seen first hand what their efforts can do. Please spread the word. If you can make a donation that would be most appreciated by the people and the pets. If that is not feasible for you right now, please share their efforts.
The Longmont Humane Society started an online fundraiser specifically for the displaced pets. You can make a donation here
The Humane Society of Boulder Valley has been taking in pets and is taking donationshere.  
The Larimer Humane Society is accepting pets and housing some lost pets from the heavy flooding that hit Loveland, CO. You can make a donation to them here.
Some local information to share:
Most of all, keep Colorado in your thoughts and prayers and send your love. We need positive energy and are going to continue to need it for a long time.
The publicist has put a widget up on the blog so you can check in for the information any time you need it. Let's all hope that the waters recede and everyone is found safe and sound.


  1. I really hope those little donkeys find their humans!

  2. We're glad those little donkeys are uninjured. We're purring their family are safe and will take them home soon.

  3. Oh goodness, we sure hope someone sees this and knows whose donkeys those guys are. At least they are alive and well. We have been thinking about all those animals that were in those horrible floods. We sure send tons of prayers to all of them. Great post. Take care.

  4. what a wonderful post. i cannot imagine having to leave my horses behind...

  5. We hope those donkeys find their publicist and male person! Our mommy telecommutes to Weld county and she used to live in Loveland and a former boss is stranded but safe in her house built on high ground in Estes Park so we're purraying for everybody back there.

  6. Hope all the critters who can't say their addresses are reunited with their publicists!

  7. Abby we are proud of you.....and thanks for posting all the info. our hearts break for those familys out there

  8. You are a good-hearted goat Abby, thanks for posting the info! :)

  9. Abby, You are a really good goatie and I am a good kitty because I made the Human go send a few green papers to those animal rescue peeps in Colorado.

    Plus she was out to dinner tonight and her friend's daughter who lives there has taken in two homeless kitties--she'll foster them till the owners come or if no one claims them, she said she and her boyfriend will keep them.

    Thanks for posting about this, Abby. I hope those sweet donkeys find their people!

  10. What is going on: wild fires, floods, earthquakes, the world might be coming to an end. Last week they needed water in NJ when the entire Seaside Park boardwalk went up in flames and they didn't have enough water.


Maaaaaa away....


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