Monday, September 23, 2013

A Time to Wean, A Time to Whine

If you ask me the publicist should have put those boys in a pen by themselves a month ago.
But no one asked me.
She said she was busy.
She said she was getting enough milk.


She finally got around to it and those boys are all by themselves now and I have to listen to the noise.
"Maaa, maaaa, MAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" all day long.

And they poke their heads through to my pen.
What do they think they will gain by this behavior.
It isn't going to be a teat that's for sure!

One of them is going to get stuck.
Boy that is going to lead to some MAAAAAS.

Then there is this:

They get their hay in the old laundry basket.
But silly boys!
How can you eat your hay if you have turned it UPSIDE DOWN?

This does not help....
No wonder they maaaa. They are probably hungry because they are messy and spill their hay all over or they knock their feeder upside down.
Silly, silly, silly boys.

Well, it seems they can still find something to eat.
The publicist says they need to learn. She is not going to give them more hay.
She says they have horns. They can butt their feeder back over.
(I'm inclined to agree.)

So she left them to their silliness.
And she heard a noise!

I guess they are not so stupid after all.


  1. Boys will be boys, that is for sure. Silly kids. Buy they do enjoy life to the fullest and glad they figured out the hay deal. They are all too cute. Take care.

  2. silly boys....all complaints when they could fix it themselves. :)

  3. little monsters is what they are! :)

  4. Kids learn best when they figure it out themselves!

  5. That's it. Waffles is a goat. I'm convinced of it.
    ; ) Katie

  6. looks like they figured t out. are you keeping all of them?

  7. Pretty soon you'll need pens everywhere for all the Happy Goats around there! Are the boys all staying on the farm?

  8. Hunger is the Maaather of invention!

  9. I think they want to be grown up and still be babies at the same time--like most kids. They'll figure it out...they always do. They sure grew up fast!

  10. Boys will be boys. How old do they have to be to go into heat?

    1. They have been fixed. They are wethers - which is what a fixed boy goat is called.

    2. Didn't know they were broken. Thanx for answering my question.

  11. Oh, the difficulties of growing up. Silly boys!


Maaaaaa away....


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