Thursday, August 15, 2013

Silly Bernadette!

Yesterday you saw little Bernadette sleeping in her feed bin.
Today the silly little kid was somewhere else little goats don't belong -

in the hay feeder!
What a crazy girl.

She just hopped right up there.
She doesn't care that she is still a little kid.
She wanted to explore, so explore she did!

I don't know about her.
She is very advanced for her age.

You can see me maaaaing at her to be careful.
You can also see her nanny watching her like a hawk.
We don't want her to get hurt.

Silly Bernadette!


  1. OMC, my human is SO in love with Bernadette!

  2. That little precious girl knows what is important! :)

  3. she sure is a character for such a young goatlet!

  4. What a great Picture that is with Pricilla telling her to be careful. Bernadette, you are going to be quite a gal. Too darn cute.

  5. We think Bernadette has a little bit of Waffles in her!!!
    ...and we're not talking about the cute part. ; )

  6. oh, this one is a rascal!!! you're gonna have to keep her forever!

  7. She is so adorable! Any animal that size just melts my heart!

  8. Our mommy is in love with her too! If she goes to visit Sparkle's human, she might have to stop here on the way!

  9. She is a very cute, silly girl.


Maaaaaa away....


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