Thursday, August 29, 2013

On the Goatwalk

May I present to you today a little goat fashion show.
That's right.
Goat fashion!

The boys and little Bernadette all got new collars and they were strutting around showing them off....on the Goatwalk!

Of course Bernadette was the cutest goat model in the show.
How could she not be?

She was stylin' in her new blue and orange polka dotted collar. She knows how to STRUT!
I think, though, that she will soon grow out of her cute little collar and need a bigger size.

Continuing with the polka dot theme I now give you Rudy the goat sporting a bright blue with lime green. It just POPS against his fur.

His brother, Ricky the goat shows that toughbucks CAN wear pink. His collar is pink with green polka dots. (Ignore his erm, commentary there - he really LIKES his new collar.)

Next up are the argyle twins starting with Mick the goat. His collar is an updated classic argyle of purple and black. Just stunning on his cow-like fur.

 Last but not least is Keith the goat wearing a bold red argyle. But he can carry it off with aplomb! The pattern even matches his two tone horns.

We are nothing if not stylish here on the Happy Goats Farm!

I do hope you enjoyed our little fashion show today.
On the goatwalk, the goatwalk.
I will be there, I will be there....on the goatwalk.

ps:  the publicist got all of the new collars from! They are actually DOG collars but don't tell the kids. She paid for them with her own monies. She is very happy with them - she likes the bright colors!


  1. they are so pretty! i wonder how long that will last?

  2. This is the first goat fashion show we've attended and we enjoyed it. :) They are all so cute and look good in their new collars.

  3. very spiffy over there.....wonder how long before they try to get them off?? :)

    1. Oh they will stay on. They will just get very dirty.

  4. I have to say, they all look fantastic but I am wondering, why do they need collars?

    1. So when they are being recalcitrant I have something to grab to "encourage" them back into their pen. Their horns are not long enough yet....

  5. Love the fashion show! The goats were awesome -- just like professional models!

  6. Everygoat's collar looks great on them! That was a fabulous fashion show!

  7. These are very nice collars! Of course Bernadette was the cutest.

  8. Very cute! Dont they need beads hanging off the collars too?

  9. All these cute goat kids are making Glogirly wonder if she can have a goat in the city.
    I might consider it if I can trade in Waffles.
    ; ) Katie

    Adorable collars!!!

  10. Everykid's looking very stylish in their new collars! We wonder if any kid will munch off another kid's collar? Felix does that to his cage mates which is why he, Meow-Me, Coco and Boomer have no collars!

  11. Very nice collars. You're a few days ahead of time. This weeks Photo Hunt theme is Model.

  12. Little Bernadette is indeed the cutest kid on the goatwalk! I had never noticed Keith's horns being two different colors before!

  13. There's nothing like the special feeling when you get a new collar! They are looking good!


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