Saturday, August 10, 2013

I Won't Hurt the Baby

I don't know how Louise the goat would EVER think I would hurt little Bernadette.
I could NEVER do such a thing.

I just wanted a little lick.
I haven't had a kid of my own for so many years .....
I just wanted that feeling again.
Of being a new nanny.
Of having a kid to lick.

If you cannot see the movie you can watch it on YouTube HERE

I was one depressed goat.

I stared into the pen ALL DAY LONG.

I kept banging my head against the fence to try and lick the baby.
In fact look what I did to myself....

The publicist was not happy.
I couldn't maaa to her if I did it on the fence or fighting with Thelma.

I was not happy when she put medicine on it.

That iodine stuff STINGS!
The publicist said that would teach me to be so stupid about licking a baby.

But you do, don't you?


  1. Pricilla, I was spayed when I was six months old, so I actually don't understand... but I do feel bad for you.

  2. Awww, Priscilla. Louise could have let you have a lick or two of baby Bernadette...
    We hope your wound heals quickly.

  3. maternal instinct at it's worst. ouch!

  4. Poor Pricilla just doesn't understand why Bernadette can't be her baby. It is so tough getting older. Our Person knows all about that. Hope your day gets better Pricilla. Take care.

  5. Awww, Pricilla....I'm sorry you want to lick the baby. She's so cute, I can totally understand. Guess you'll just have to lick the big girls for now. ; )

  6. I do really understand. Sometimes it stinks being old and retired, especially when there are all those sweet kids around that just make you want to have another one.

  7. Aww, Pricilla, I'm sorry Louise was so mean to you. But really, there are so many goaties and kitties and chick-hens to lick you should be able to meet your licking needs for a while till Louise stops being so overprotective!

  8. So....we aren't allowed to lick the new baby? Criminy.

    I get it, Pricilla. With my baby leaving for college in a week or so, I've got the same feelings going on. You and I should hang out and commiserate together. :(

  9. well that's just not nice...but are you sure it is Louise's fault? Maybe you should blame the publicist....

    oh - and then we had this thought: Louise had a new kid? geez we are behind

  10. Mommy says she'd might not want to LICK Bernadette, but she certainly would love to hold her!

  11. Poor Pricilla. BTW, how come she doesn't have horns and the other females do? Just curious.

  12. Pricilla, we hope you get a chance to lick the baby sometime. We know you wouldn't hurt her. Hope your ouchie heals up quickly!

  13. Poor Pricilla! You're a good nanny, you would never ever hurt the bebbeh goat.

  14. Oh, Pricilla, that just stinks! My grandmaaa goat, Nike, always wants to lick the new kids too. I hope your owie gets better soon.

  15. That video actually made me very sad! :( Poor Pricilla!

  16. Deer Mrs. Pricilla,

    I love to lick my mama human, so I know you feel sad not being able to lick baby Bernadette. Why won't Louise let you lick her? You were obviously a good mama, so it's not like you would hurt her. Sending lots of purrs to help you not feel depressed.

    Love Princess Jazzy

    1. Princess Jazzy,
      New nanny goats are very protective of their kids. When Pricilla had her kid Kevin she didn't let anyone lick him either so she should understand but she doesn't. She just wants to lick any new kid that comes along. I think it's because she's retired and not having kids of her own any more.
      Thank you for visiting.


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