Monday, August 26, 2013

For ME?

I must apologize that my blog is late this morning. The publicist tells me that the power went out yesterday after she put me in the barn. I wondered why she did not invite me into the yurt to write my blog! She said it did not come back on again until long after she was asleep!

For ME?
You brought that delicious, sweet watermelon here for ME?

Mmm, munch, slurp, nom!

I can't believe you brought it all for ME!

I have to share?
I guess I can do that.

I don't mind if my studmuffin has a piece of delicious, juicy watermelon.

I am NOT stealing the rest of the watermelon in the bowl!
I am merely taste testing it to make sure it is not poisoned.
THAT is it.
I am sacrificing myself to save the others.

Now SHE wants some.
What did SHE do to deserve some?

I am a good goat.
I share - unlike some AbbyGoats goats around this Farm

Oh, the little goats did not like the watermelon.
Silly boys!
That means more for ME!

I am NOT selfish, I just LOVE watermelon.


  1. We're glad your power is back on so we could see you enjoying your watermelon Pricilla! It was very nice of you to share too!

  2. the little goats did not like the watermelon? somebody better teach them quick. watermelon is yummy stuff!

  3. What a lucky goat you are Pricilla and it was very nice of you to share, even with AbbyGoat! :)

  4. Now I really want to try watermelon. I bet it would be very delicious and cooling.

  5. I'm surprised that Abby didn't get her share until near the end of the post! If that had been Binga, she would have jumped in at the beginning!

  6. Oh Pricilla, that watermelon looks so good. Good for the publicist to bring it to you. Glad Luke got some too. Take care.

  7. That's a juicy watermelon for sure! We're surprised the kids didn't like it, though. Oh well, all the more for you then. :)

  8. What is the deal with the little goats???! They aren't too smart yet. I used to like it when the kids were little and they wouldn't eat any of the yummy stuff. Now, they have grown to like all that and we are sad---less for us. :( I hope those little goaties don't wise up!

  9. Whoa! Watermelon! Cats don't like that sort of stuff. Goats will eat anything, won't they?

  10. A goat that would not eat something? That is strange.


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