Friday, August 2, 2013

Farm Cat Friday - A RAW Tale in Three Parts, Part 1

You will recall that last week's Farm Cat Friday showed you the Farm Cats eating RAW treats. One of our delightful readers pointed out to the publicist that Harry the Farm cat already HAD a raw diet since he was so very fond of mousie brains.

"DUH!" exclaimed the publicist.

So now I give you a tale in three parts:  Harry and the Mousie.
It gets a bit graphic in places - so if you are squeamish about mousies you might not want to look at all the photos.

"I am FIERCE", meows Harry

Once upon a barn there was a fierce Farm cat.
His name was Harry.
Harry the Farm cat.

He would sit in the barn all day long hunting for mousies.
If anyone disturbed him he would make it known that he was busy.

"Quiet!," meowed Harry. "I'm huntin' mousie!"
He would go from one end of the barn to the other looking for mousie.

He would look high

He would look low


WAIT! He hears something! Is it a mousie?

He runs into a pen to check.
He is nothing if not thorough!

He will sit and wait until he gets his mousie!
So, did he find what he was looking for?
DID Harry the Farm cat get his mousie?

You will have to come back tomorrow to find out!


  1. I am sure that Harry ALWAYS gets his mousie!

  2. love them lil' mousies
    mousies that i love to eats
    bite theys lil' heads off
    nibble on theys lil' feets

  3. WE betcha, Harry got that mousie. He is a really good hunter. Have a great day.

  4. Of course Harry got the mousie! All those hay look like super fun to dig and play in too!

  5. We all know the way it ends, don't we? The question is, how.

  6. We're pretty sure Harry found a mousie unless he found a snake instead!

  7. oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy...!!!!

    We can't wait! Bring on the guts.

  8. Didn't see anything squeamish yet unless you're counting that ad under the post. MOL! Cant wait to see the smousy die! Bwahahaha!

  9. This was a verreh eggsiting forst installment and the Human did not puke at any of these pictures. She might not be brave enough to look at the rest, though, so we hope there will be plenty of warning, MOL!!!

  10. He sounds a lot like our Bob cat. Watch out mouse!


Maaaaaa away....


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