Friday, August 9, 2013

Farm Cat Friday - Harry the Farm Cat Chillaxes

After all of Harry's hard work killing the mousie he really deserved some rest.
And so he took some.

He climbed up on his lounger with his flamingo and napped.
Harry loves his flamingo.

He often sleeps with it.

He gets annoyed if one of the other Farm cats tries to take it from him.
As if they'd DARE!
Would YOU take Harry's flamingo?

I think he looks cute.
Although I suppose he would rather look tough...
...but a guycat just can't look tough hugging a flamingo!

Sorry about that Harry!


  1. Ooo lala! It's TOUGH not to shower Harry with kisses!

  2. Yeah, I would NOT want to get between Harry and that flamingo!

  3. i did not know that harry had such a sensitive side!

  4. Oh Harry, we hate to say this, but you do look mighty cute with your flamingo. That is a gorgeous flamingo and we would want to keep that ourselves.Hope all of you have a good day.

  5. Looking good, Harry!!!
    I'm so happy to see you're still digging your lounger! up. You might need to protect that flamingo!
    : )

  6. made me laugh with his he-cat pose. :)

  7. Only a guy who is comfortable with being a guy can act like that. Way to go Harry! You rock.

  8. don't worry Harry - we think you are adorable in your ham-mick with your flamingo :)

  9. I sure hope the kitties here don't see that cat lounger or they will be DEMANDING one of their own! ;)

  10. He's very handsome and I bet he'd give me his flamingo..

  11. I bet Bernadette could get him to give it to her.


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