Tuesday, August 20, 2013

AbbyDay - Mmmm, Munch, Munch, Munch, Burp, Munch

It's AbbyDay the best day of the week. Isn't it?

I thought you'd agree.

It has been H.O.T. around these parts.
I have maaaaed this to you already.
All of our yummy green grass has turned brown and crunchy.
That does not mean it is not munchable though.
In fact, I took my kids out for a nice graze.

We went across the gully to eat all of the weeds that are growing in the lot next door.
Mmmm, weeds.

They are very crunchy. All three of us enjoyed eating them
The publicist is happy because we are helping to remove the weeds.

We are happy because we are getting to EAT the weeds.
It is mostly knapweed which is an invasive weed and not good to have around.
But I find it very nice to have in my stomachs.

In fact the publicist has been letting us go over there almost every day.
I think there are enough weeds to feed ALL of us for a long time.

Thank you publicist!
We appreciate the change of diet!


  1. You look like busy girls with all that weeding.

  2. My human wishes we had some goats to eat our weeds! They have goatscaping for our city hall - why not us?

  3. i could use ll of you here too! i have lots of yummy food for all of you!

  4. What a nice Publicist to send you over to eat those yummy weeds! :)

  5. What good goats all of you are, for sure. Especially since you are clearing out the darn weeds. Hope you have a great day with more weeds. Take care.

  6. nice to go out for a meal now and then!

  7. You guys are going to have lots of crunchy yummy weeds for a long time!

  8. So do you like Ranch or Blue Cheese on your weeds?
    ; )

  9. Wow - you all look so shiny and healthy! Must be those crunchy things to eat! Yummy!

  10. It must be nice munch on something crunchy after all those nice greens earlier in the Summer. It must be like the shredded wheat I eat mornings. It looks about the same minus the milk. Shredded wheat tastes like it would make better goat food than human food - it doesn't taste too good to me. I put lots if boo-berries on it so it doesn't taste like weeds. Has the Publicist ever feed you boo-berries Abby? If you liked apry-caughts, I bet you would love to nibble boo-berries. Perhaps the Publicist can reward you all for nomming her weeds by giving you some juicy boo-berries to try some day. You are all hard working goatees trying to get rid of those weeds. Goats are lucky to come with more than one stomach to help digest all those yummy weeds. Keep on nomming until there all gone.

  11. You are such happy goats, but you like such funny things to eat! If my Human tried to feed me WEEDS I'd be knocking on neighborhood doors looking for a new Human. The Human says there is a kind of WEED the Humans like too, but prolly it's not the kind you are eating, MOL!

  12. When the peeps had a garden, they wished they had a goat to do the weeding.

  13. Our pasture is dry and crunchy too. I miss nice green stuff.


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