Tuesday, August 13, 2013

AbbyDay - It's HOT

It's AbbyDay - the best day of the week. I want no discussion of my being a grandnanny again. I am not old enough to be a grandnanny.


It is back to being hot again.

So hot that all I want to do is sit.
Sit in the shade.

Little Rudy did some exploring but not much.

He soon settled down with his brother.
The dirt is so cool.

Even Thelma and her kids were trying to stay out of the sun.
I don't blame them.
Our temperatures are back up into the high 90ies.

It's too HOT.
I'm going to nap now.
Wake me up when it's cool, OK?


  1. How about adding some water and then you can enjoy a mud bath! We heard that's a fun (but dirty) way to cool off!

  2. Ugh, it's too hot where you goats are! We've had lovely, below-normal temperatures here in southern California... but you know that it's bound to heat up here eventually!

  3. Oh gosh, you poor goats. That isn't good that it is so hot out there. Hope the cool dude comes soon to see you. Take care.

  4. Poor, sweet goats. I hope you all had enough water to survive that heat.

  5. You need some AC there in the goat house!

  6. Oh, you goaties need to come visit me in Chicago--we have cooler temps this week. It's nice to have "nature's air conditioning" again!

    Stay cool, goat friends!

  7. You know what might be even better than dirt?? MUD! Maybe someHuman could turn on a hose and make puddles for you??? Or maybe it will cool off? XOXOXOXO You're very beautiful, Abby.

  8. I'm sorry you guys are so hot. We've actually had some nice cool weather lately. My human keeps grumbling about needing water and heat to make the tomatoes grow and get ripe, but I like this cooler weather.

  9. that is way too hot. we are finally a little cooler here - mom opened the windows!! we hope it gets out that way for you


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