Monday, August 5, 2013

A RAW Tale in Three Parts, Part 3

Today we reach the finale of our story! If you need to catch up you can check out Part 1 and Part 2.

We left Harry the Farm cat receiving some "help" with his mousie.

I am not sure he appreciated the "help."
What do you think?
The kids are always sniffing at Harry.
I don't think they know quite what to make of him
So far they have not butt him.
Which is good for Harry.

But back to our tale.

Harry carried his mousie away from his "help" and sat on it.

But he got more "help."
I think he figured he had better do something or this "help" might take his mousie!
He did not know that they do not eat meat.
He only felt that they threatened his catch.


....bye-bye mousie.
This time he ate the whole thing, not just the brains.
It WAS a small mousie after all.

Now for anyone that might be upset at the mousie eating. There are a LOT of mousies in our barn. Mousies here in Montana carry hantavirus which kills humans. We don't want the publicist or the male person to be deaded because of mousies so we are happy when Harry kills the mousies.


  1. Mousies in Connecticut carry the same virus and it is spread by their urine and we all know they don't use toilets!

  2. I bet that mousie tasted good! I wish I could catch one and find out... but for some selfish reason, my human hopes I never find one!

  3. Mommy's relived there are no mousies here or she'll find it rather difficult to watch us, uh, dispatch of the mouse.

  4. It is just nature. Survival of the fit. Harry, you did have one good time with that mouse. Hope all of you have a great day.

  5. good job harry! the shelter could use a couple of you!

  6. He's doing a good job of protecting you! I didn't know about that virus. Keep eating, Harry!

  7. Way to dominate, Harry!!!

    ....did you know that Waffles always "sits" on his toys before he plays with them? Maybe he thinks he's in the wild!

    ; )

  8. Harry is a fierce hunter especially when confronted by goats! We're glad he's saving the publicist and male person too!

  9. You do good work, Harry. That virus doesn't hurt cats, does it? I hope not. TW once dated a guy who's family had a farm. He used to go up in the barn with a gun and shoot the mice.

  10. YUCK!!

    It's good that you have Harry, though. I don't think I would like all those mice around...especially when winter comes.

    Hobbes had a mousie in the yard today. He kept hunting and hunting but the fence was in his way. I've never seen him scale the fence so fast in my life. I don't think he got him, though.

  11. Well, that is a good thing for Harry to do if they are killer mousies like that.

  12. The Human always feels sorry for the mousies and the birdies and so on, but then I ask her if she really thinks her chick-hens and pork chops really start out in those film-covered plastic trays at Safeway and that shuts her up quick enough.


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