Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Publicist FORGOT Me!

Can you believe such a thing?!
It's true!
I would not lie!

I think she is tired.
It is the ONLY explanation.
Why else would she forget to come get me to write my blog?
I think I will forgive her but if it ever happens again.....

It is very HOT here right now.
I know it is very hot all over the country right now too.
We goats are not doing much besides trying to stay out of the sun.

I like to lie in the cool dirt.
That way I can get a bath and sit at the same time.
I am no dummy!

Thelma sits, but kids always have a bit more energy no matter the weather.
I have seen those silly kids running. RUNNING!
In this heat.

Louise is due next month and she is resting a lot these days.

And we all smiled when we saw AbbyGoat share a special moment with Ricky.

I am sorry the publicist made me late with my post.
I will make sure IT NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN.


  1. It's too hot to do anything...even blogging. I'm on the Publicist's side on this one. Let's all just sit in the shade with a cool drink and turn off all the computers.

  2. It is OK to be late. We don't mind at all. Louise sure has become a very pretty goat. Hope all of you have a great day.

  3. heat and nearby fire. that'll make anyone forget!

  4. Stay cool, calm and collected!
    I am sure Abby doesn't really want us all to know that she does have a soft spot for her kids.

  5. and now you have the heat too...but do you have the 99% humidity?

  6. These humans are OUT OF CONTROL.

  7. This is why I think goats should be allowed in the yurt - it would make it MUCH harder for the publicist to forget to help with your blog!

  8. Better late than never! Hope it cools off for you soon! We can't wait for more kids!

  9. Well, ordinarily I would agree that this is just another outrage, but in these exceptional circumstances, perhaps you should consider cutting the publicist a little slack. I mean, what with the fire and all. Hmmmm. No, on second thought, you're right. You really should not have to lower your standards. You need to run a tight ship, Pricilla. I respect that. XOXOXO

  10. Just find a cool dirt spot and lie still.

  11. The publicist must be pretty busy with the male person out fighting the big fire.

  12. Pricilla, I wish I could find some dirt to lay down in. It looks very cool and refreshing!

  13. Oh no! And now it's kinda late on Sunday too. I think you need to be a little more strict.

  14. It can't be easy being pregnant in this weather. Kids! Pop said the other day when it was 100F, there were a bunch of kids playing ball in the courtyard all day.

  15. Don't feel bad, Pricilla...
    I'm living with a slacker too. If she's not having a birthday, she's going out to dinner. If she's not going out to dinner, she's at a movie.


    Hey! We can't wait for the new kids to be born! I bet there's going to be some wonderful photos! Take it easy, Miss Louise!

    xo, Katie

  16. Maybe the Publicist is tired of all the heat and I'm sure she's still worried about the fire! You goaties keep cool up there!

  17. Be glad she's just late. I'm afraid I'm going to have to fire the human and get a new one so I can keep blogging.


Maaaaaa away....


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