Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Kids Show AbbyGoat How it's Done

Those kids are SMART goats.
They want to eat pine and they don't want to work so hard to do so.
So those smart little ones figured out a way to have their pine.
AbbyGoat had to horn in on it too!

Of course they do some goat ballet in the process.
Enjoy the dance!

If you cannot see the movie you watch it on YouTube HERE

Aren't they clever?
I'll tell ya - the younger generation has it going for them.
Although little Keith almost bowled the publicist over.
Silly Keith!


  1. Honestly, I do not understand the fascination with pine. Chicken, yes; pine, no.

  2. Those pine must be really yummy. The kids are determined to get them!

  3. AbbyGoat should have been holding the branch down for those kids. She is taller and can reach it easier! Cute video! :)

  4. Those are some mighty smart goat kids. Just sit on that branch and then every one can have a bite.Great video.

  5. cute little limb dancers and prancers.

  6. So the black goats wouldn't let the white goats eat pine. I kinda like that. Are they strictly vegetarians?

  7. Now, see, this is pretty good thinking, but what would be even BETTER would be if "someHuman" dragged some of those hay bales out there for you and stacked them under that tree. Now THAT would be very excellent.

    But seriously--you eat PINE trees??? Ouch. They call them needles for a reason.

  8. Smart goats...and Abby definitely is a meanie-grouchie!

  9. That is one fresh produce section!

  10. Who knew pine needles were so yummy? We think you kids are pretty funny, dancing around on your hind hooves!

  11. They certainly do have a good method for eating. I wish I could get someone to help me out like that around here.


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