Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Fire is Getting Worse

The male person is still fighting the big fire.
I am worried about him.
He is no spring fire-fighting chicken.

The publicist let me see the paper

I was not happy.

In fact I kept running away from the headline!

But I finally settled down and read it.

It was not good news.
Don't I look concerned?

We can see and smell the smoke even though it is a bit far away from here.

And the planes! The planes!

They go this way....

and that way.
All day long!

Do you know what they are doing?
I do!

They are dropping flame retardant!
Do you see the red in the picture?
The plane just dropped its load.

The pilots are doing an excellent job and they are working hard too.


  1. Oh Pricilla and goaties and kitties and roosters and Humans, We is so worried about you! We really really wish you'd get a bunch of rain or something really SOON! And tell your Male Staff Member that he needs to ration his energy! My Peep is no spring chicken (nor spring Goatie!)so she knows what she's talking about. XOXOXO

  2. That fire sounds awful, Pricilla! I am glad it is not very close to you, but I hope the male human is holding up out there. I am sending purrs over to Montana.

  3. oh no! this is terrible news. i sure hope the male person will be safe!

  4. That is so scary. We sure hope the Male person is getting some rest too. And we sure hope that fire doesn't come near all of you. We are sending tons of purrs for rain and the fire to go away.

  5. The fire sounds awful! We hope the Male Person and his team with all the pilots are getting some rest. The fire has been going on for some time now!
    We hope the fire is put out soon.

  6. oh, i am so sorry for the worries you have about the mister! i do hope they can contain it and put it out soon!

  7. We're sending purrs and prayers for your male person and for all of those fighting that fire.

    The Florida Furkids

  8. We hope and pray that the fires will soon be out and that everyone will be safe. The male person and all the other firefighters are doing a great job.

  9. Fires are no fun, even when far away. I hope the Male Person will be careful and can come home to you all soon!

  10. how scary - we don't think we could have read that either. we got our paws crossed they get control soon and everyone stays safe

  11. This is not the news we were hoping to hear. Sending blessings to the male person and all those fighting the fire.
    Pricilla, get your goats together, chickens too, and even the kitties, and do a rain dance.

  12. All of you are in our thoughts and prayers. Hope those brave fire fighters get control and douse the fire.

  13. We're worried about the fires near you and sure hope it's contained soon! We're sending prayers for the firefighters to stay safe! Fire is very scary!

  14. Here in the Small Town, we are all so worried about you. I hope the fire doesn't come any closer and they get it under control very soon.

  15. I'm glad the male person and all those other fire fighters are keeping you safe. I hope that fire gets put out soon.

  16. We understand your concerns for the male person. You have every right to be concerned, but the medics do a great job of monitoring everyone, but it is always stressful to have any loved one do such demanding work. Were sure he will be careful so he can get back to his Publicist & all the gotees ASAP. The male person is very brave to do such serious hard work helping to contain the fire. We think everyone who fight the fires is a real hero in our eyes.
    Here in Oregon we have lots of trained fire fighter who go all over the Country to help with the major fires. Luckily, we have not yet had a major burn, but we know we will have some soon because the weather is so hot and no rain for many weeks, but there are lots of lightening strikes.
    It must be extra hard for you to see the fires burning just a few ridges away. You must all have to breath that thick smoke. We will keep the male person in our prayers and hope that the winds doe down and you get some good heavy rain.

  17. ... I hope the Male person is safe.. such worries :O(... you guys all stay safe okay!!!

  18. Sending purrz that the big fire will be over soon and the male person can come home. My gramps used to be the same way.

  19. Here's hoping the male person comes back soon! Also? I did not think that you were old enough to be able to make a Fantasy Island reference. Also? I was waiting for you to tell us that you ate the newspaper. Maybe if the front page had a picture of an apple on it instead of a fire?

  20. We are purring and purraying for your Dad and all those good people fighting the fire. I hope there is better news REALLY SOON. XOXOXO

  21. Maybe if you eat the paper the bad news will go away. OK, probably not


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