Monday, July 8, 2013

Mmmm, Bark

I am one lucky goat!
I know I maaaaa that quite frequently but it is true.
I would not lie!

You all know that the male person brought a lot of tasty wood to the Farm.
We have been enjoying the delicious bark.

Especially ME!

If you cannot see the movie you can watch it on YouTube HERE

No other goat bothered me.
I was left to my own nibbles.
It was so very nice.

Could you tell how much I was enjoying my snack?
That male person is soooooo good to us.

We really shouldn't run away from him like we do, should we?


  1. Pricilla, I have to confess, no matter how much you try, that bark just not look appealing to me!

  2. Look at your tongue go! You sure were enjoying the bark. :)

  3. that is some serious bark eating!

  4. heck, you weren't even bothered by a rooster! lots of good fiber - could almost smell the fresh cut wood!

  5. Good job Pricilla eating that yummy bark. That Male person is so very good to you goats. Take care.

  6. Pricilla, you need to come to the Small Town. We have so much bark, you would be in heaven.

  7. Never run away from the hand that feeds you, silly goat!

  8. Oh, nom, nom, yum, yum... You are a lucky goat!

  9. Pricilla, you are an extraordinary bark eater. You have the bark eating technique down to a science!

  10. You licked that bark like it was ice cream! Our mommy and daddy cut down a huge branch out of one of our trees yesterday because it was growing into the neighbor's yeard. It was so big it wouldn't all fit in the yard waste thingy-ma-bobber so Mommy said she sure wished the Happy Goats were here to help!

  11. Pricilla, it is so nice to see you enjoy a tasty snack!

  12. I like candy bark, but I have never tasted tree bark. ;)

  13. It's really fun to watch you enjoy something so nommy to you....but geez, Pricilla, really? BARK? Huh. Well, that's how you keep that girlish figure. I should recommend it to the Human.

  14. I've got Gloman wrapped around my paw too. Even Waffles has learned my tricks with him.

    As for the bark...well, I think I'll stick to my freeze dried salmon if that's ok.

    ; ) Katie

  15. You goats don't have to worry about getting enough fiber in your diet!


Maaaaaa away....


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