Saturday, July 13, 2013

Further Proof that AbbyGoat is a Pig

You saw that the male person was very nice and brought us all some yummy turnip greens.
You saw that AbbyGoat was a piggie goat.
I now have FURTHER proof of this.

VIDEO proof.
Just watch!

If you cannot see the movie you can watch it on YouTube HERE

Did you see her STEALING those greens?
Did you see her going for more when the male person put them in the food bin?
Concrete proof that Abby is a piggie goat!

Just don't tell her that I maaaaed so, OK?


  1. We won't tell her Pricilla that you showed us what a piggy goat that Abby is. Sure is a good thing that the Male Person keeps Abby in food. Take care.

  2. AbbyGoat certainly does not look like she has missed many meals! I think those chickens wanted to steal some of the greens too! :)

  3. Abbygoat isn't shy when it comes to her food! :)

  4. Abby is a bald-face stealer of greens. Good thing the male person had a good grip on them!!

  5. As if we needed further proof ...

  6. It's a turnip green free-for-all!!!
    ; ) Katie

  7. The four-legged population is getting a lot of turnip greens. What's left for the humans?

  8. Stealing???? I didn't see no stinkin' *stealing*!! She was a hungry goatie who took advantage of an opportunity that presented itself! That's just.....enterprising! And hey, the rooster didn't get a film credit.

  9. She's just being smart! (By the way, your rooster woke up our lazy farm cats. Hee hee)


Maaaaaa away....


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