Friday, July 5, 2013

Farm Cat Friday - Farm Cats on Patrol

The Farm cats are most in favor of the new deck.
In fact I see them up there regularly patrolling.
I think they see themselves as some sort of ProtectorCats.

Silly creatures.

Almost every time I look up there this is what I see...

Cats on the railing.

Cats trying to GET on the railing.
Sherpa really needs to learn to share.
There is plenty of railing to go around!

The go one way and then the other, all the way around the yurt.
What do they think they are doing?
I don't understand!

Then they will stop and stare.
Stare at what?

I will never understand Farm cats!


  1. Round and round they go! That must be so much fun!

  2. Of course you do not understand, Pricilla - it is a Cat Thing.

  3. who knew the deck would have so many uses!

  4. Pricilla, those silly cats think they have their very own catio like the Katnip cats. We all think that looks like such fun and we would love to do that. Have a terrific Friday.

  5. I am sure the Farm Cats are thinking it was very thoughtful of the male person to build them this delightful stalking rail.

  6. Absolutely perfect for cats. How nice of you to build this for them!

  7. they are on guard duty....and it is such a nice fence line to have up like that too!!

  8. It's a tough job for a Farm Cat guarding the yurt! We think they're doing a thorough job and hope they are rewarded with lots of treats!

  9. they have the BEST viewing platform around!!! the best thing since cat treats! :)

  10. I think they like just being up high and spying on everyone. Hobbes does that too--he sits high on the fence and watches everyone.

    I LOVE that new deck! I'm guessing you are out there a lot. Do you eat outside? We do here all summer.

  11. It was really nice of the Publicist to make such a wide ledge for the cats.

  12. Next think you know, they're gonna want little hats and AK-47s.

  13. OMC! Did you know you has a pretty risque ad on your bloggy? Ha ha ha--it's for a company called and honestly it looks like it's for hookers--I don't even know what they are, and the Human says she won't tell me till I'm older -- shoot, I'm 9! What am I missing??

  14. It does look like they are enjoying it!

  15. I think you are just jealous because they get to be on the mountain.


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