Tuesday, July 16, 2013

AbbyDay - What is the Publicist Doing?

It's AbbyDay - the best day of the week from the best goat in the world.

The publicist was climbing the mulch pile.
What in the world is she doing?!

I came over to see.
Because I must know everything.
My kids seem to need to know too.
They follow me everywhere!

Silly Rudy!
You are not food!
You should not be in the food bin!

Anymaaaa - back to the publicist.
What was she doing?
She was taking pictures!
Of what you ask?

Of the FIRE!
There is a big wildfire in Superior.
The male person is off working on it to keep the peoples' houses safe.

We had lots of smoke for a while but then it cleared.
We hope it goes away soon.


  1. Oh no! I hope that fire is contained soon... and that the male human stays safe!

  2. That is very scary. We sure hope that fire stays away from all of you. Abby, you just have to check everything out, don't you.

  3. oh, that's just terrifying! good luck to the male person and all his fellow firefighting groups!

  4. That's awful! Hope it rains. Good luck to the male person and all his firefighters.

  5. Fires are so scary. Let's hope this one is contained soon.

  6. What a good male person to go to protect others' homes.

  7. We hope the fire is contained soon! Many thanks to the male person and other firefighters keeping everybody safe!

  8. That is very scary! I hope it goes away soon too! Tell the Male Person and all the other firefighters to be careful!

  9. purrs the male person and all the others helping stay safe....hope they get it taken care of soon.

  10. That looks like a big fire! Sending purrs your male person stays safe and the fire is contained quickly.

  11. We do hope it clears up too. We hope your male person (and all the firefighters) stay safe.

  12. Sending prayers that everybuddy stays safe over there!! That is very scary!


Maaaaaa away....


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