Tuesday, July 2, 2013

AbbyDay - I Give You a Tour of the New Deck

It's AbbyDay, the best day of the week. What else could you possibly think?

I know you have all seen photos of the new deck on the yurt.
I am going to give you a tour of it today.
Because I am the first goat to have gone all the way around it.
In fact, I am the only big goat to have gone up their.
The kids have gone up but Thelma, Louise and silly Pricilly are afraid avoiding it right now.

So enjoy the tour.

If you cannot see the movie you can watch it on YouTube HERE

I hope you enjoyed the tour.
I think I am a good tour guide even if I did not get any tasty snacks along the way.

The publicist says I am NOT allowed to move up there.
I think this is wrong.
I think that AbbyGoat deserves to live on the highest place on the Farm.
Don't you?
Pffffffft to the publicist.

And now look at what she has done!

As if these measures will keep AbbyGoat out!


  1. Heh. If you are not allowed to eat the tasty things on the deck, then what good is it?

  2. i think the new deck might need a goat gate!

  3. Yes, I came to visit, and a visitor should be offered snacks. Not "no, Abby, NO" when I try to help myself to those delicious snacks you left on the deck. Hahahaha. Mommy LOL when Abbygoat went for those little potted plants.
    Looks like that little tour made the boys rather frisky!

  4. Nice try Abby to get those plants. We were wondering if maybe a gate is needed at the bottom of the steps. Abby that was such a good tour of the deck. The male person sure did a great job with building it.What fun for all goats. Love the video.

  5. Beautiful deck for a goat and her kids to clip-clop around. Too bad about those nice plants, Abby.

  6. ha ha. love the sound of the clacking hooves on the deck. and it is a BEAUTIFUL deck. the xxx were a nice touch. :)

  7. Gave to admit Abby did a great job in giving us the tour of the new deck, which, by the way is beautiful. Love how it wraps around the 'yurt' as they refer to your home. Great job by the 'male person' and I'm glad you caught Abby before she ate your plants. God girl Abby to obey.

  8. What the heck does no, Abby, NO mean? We enjoyed the tour of the deck even if you didn't get to sample the treats!

  9. nice tour...though mom laughed at the second "NO Abby!" Poor Abby. And yep - there may be a need for goat gates.... ;)

  10. ooo la. That's a nice deck. I thought the yurt was just a shed out in the yard, but...um...wrong I was...that's one nice looking yurt. Who gets to live there?

  11. Abby, we have no doubt you'll get past those feeble attempts at barricading the new deck.
    Go for it!
    ; ) Katie

  12. That is no fair! You were at home up there even if she wouldn't let you snack and the chair was too small.

  13. Uh, the Publicist isn't a very good hostess, is she? No comfy places for you to sit and the only snacks that available were forbidden. I bet parties at her house aren't much fun. Nice to see Pumpkin!

  14. I do think you can make it through those little barriers.

  15. Well, that does seem problematic. To build you a mountain and then not let you use it.


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