Saturday, June 1, 2013

Thelma Wants to Know if She is a Mountain or a Goat

I can see where she might be a bit confused.
We were all out enjoying the sunshine.
We hadn't had sunshine for a while.
Thelma thought she would have a quiet sit. A quiet cud chew. A nice bask.

That was not to be the case.
She found herself climbed.

I am not sure she was too happy about this but she is a good nanny and she let her kids play.
At one point little Keith was even noshing on her horn!
Silly Keith - there is no nutrition in nanny horn!

Mick finally gave up and went on to other adventures.
It took Keith a bit longer.

But soon Thelma the GOAT was basking alone in the sun, chewing her cud in peace.

I hope you have just as nice a day.


  1. Speaking of the kids, I got the package today - I had forgotten about it too! Thanks!

  2. sometimes it's hard to be a mother!

  3. The things poor Thelma have to put up with!

  4. Oh Thelma, you are such a good girl with those kids. You look pleased that you are finally getting some peace. Take care.

  5. Thelma, what a kind and good natured mamma you are!

  6. Ah yes, that's where the term "mountain goat" came from!

  7. Thelma certainly is a pretty goat but don't tell Pricilla or Abby I said so.

  8. Thelma, our mommy feels for you! She said that just has to feel like it does when Isabella walks on her and it hurts!


  9. Sigh. There are just some days where motherhood is not all that it is cracked up to be. Poor Thelma.

  10. Mountain goat, goat mountain. Potayto, potahto!

  11. Oh those kids. Glad Thelma is such a patient nanny.

  12. Some days it can be hard for a body to relax and enjoy life. Life has a way of breaking in on the party.

  13. Those little hooves must be sharp. Ouch!


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